Photoshop: Filters, Plugins and Actions

Photoshop: Filters, Plugins and Actions

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by Jared Hodges

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Photoshop: Filters, Plugins and Actions


Photoshop by itself is powerful, but when you add the possibilities of filters, plugins and actions, Photoshop becomes amazingly powerful. This webinar will cover the ins and outs of these added features and their potential to bring your images to life. 


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Presenter: Jared Hodges

Jared Hodges’ love for photography began in 1984 when his parents purchased his first camera out of a JC Penny’s catalog. During the last 30 years, capturing the important and beautiful things in life has been his passion. Jared has been published in many newspapers, magazines (including Sports Illustrated), and websites and knows what makes a great photograph. He has taught photography, graphic design, and publishing to high school students for the past fifteen years and has published five yearbooks as an adviser to the school's yearbook program. He views every shoot as an opportunity to showcase the inherent light, beauty, and subtle humor in the world around us.

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