Writing Up Your Research (without using genealogy software)

Writing Up Your Research (without using genealogy software)


by Claudia Breland

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Writing Up Your Research (without using genealogy software)


It’s a dilemma that faces all genealogists: how to tell your family’s story in an interesting, engaging way that will captivate readers, even those who are not interested in names and dates. Learn how to write up your research using word processing, addressing conflicts and comparing sources, using breadcrumbs (AKA footnotes) to leave a trail of exploration for future researchers.  


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Presenter: Claudia Breland

Claudia Breland has been researching her family history since 1974, and recently broke through a 40-year brick wall with DNA testing. She has presented programs for libraries and genealogy societies across Western Washington, and has published four books. She is a member of several national, state and local genealogy societies, including the local chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists.

Claudia Breland