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Enriching Your Family History through Pictures and Stories

Enriching Your Family History through Pictures and Stories

by Amie Bowser Tennant

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Enriching Your Family History through Pictures and Stories

Pictures and stories add that special piece of enriching detail to your family story. Learn where and how you might drag up old photos and stories about your ancestors. We will be discussing helpful websites, how to use social media as a tool, and specified search techniques to find these lost stories and photos.


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Presenter: Amie Bowser Tennant

Amie Bowser Tennant has been passionate about genealogy and family history for the last 17 years. She was awarded the NGS Home Study Scholarship in 2011 and is currently "on the clock" for national certification. She has been very involved in the genealogical community over the years as she served as Recording Secretary for Miami County Historical and Genealogical Society [Miami, Ohio]; newsletter editor for Miami Meanderings; Lead Content Specialist at RootsBid.com; and a content creator for Lisa Louise Cooke's Genealogy Gems. Today, Amie is The Genealogy Reporter teaching and reporting in the field of genealogy. Follow her blog at www.TheGenealogyReporter.com.

Amie Bowser Tennant