History Lives at JSTOR

History Lives at JSTOR


by Sarah Kim

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History Lives at JSTOR


Need local history from colonial New England or Virginia? Need information about Scottish settlements in North Carolina? Need history of mining in Wales? Find remarkable research in JSTOR to place your family story in historical context. With 2,000+ scholarly journals, JSTOR is one of the most comprehensive and trusted research databases in the world. Learn how to navigate the rich JSTOR library—from peer-reviewed scholarly research to critical analyses of historical events to detailed book reviews. In addition to scholarly societies and academic presses, JSTOR works with more than 30 state and regional historical societies to archive the entire runs of their publications &from the very first issue published—to make available for searching, browsing, and reading.


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Presenter: Sarah Kim

Sarah Kim is the senior marketing manager at JSTOR where she oversees outreach and engagement with individual researchers. For the past 10 years, she helped to launch JSTOR's Register & Read and JPASS programs and worked with publishers to archive and make their journals available to millions of users worldwide. Before landing at JSTOR, Sarah started off as an assistant at a literary agency and worked her way through the marketing and publicity teams at W.W. Norton and Bloomberg. As pro bono, she consults on branding and engagement for not-for-profits in New York City.

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