Searching for Surnames Downunder

Searching for Surnames Downunder

by Jill Ball

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Searching for Surnames Downunder

In addition to looking at the major online resources for finding surnames down under (with a bias towards Australia and a peek at New Zealand) we will, in this session, visit some lesser known but very useful databases. In this presentation Jill will use, as an example, her fledgling CurryAus surname study. This was presented as part of The Surname Society's inaugural virtual conference on March 12, 2016.


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Presenter: Jill Ball

Amateur Australian genealogist Jill (GeniAus) Ball, is a former librarian, teacher and IT specialist. She has presented at National and State Genealogy, Library and IT Conferences. A member of local and international societies,Jill is passionate about using social media for genealogy. She shares her enthusiasm for integrating technology with genealogy through her blog GeniAus. Although she has been researching for 25 years Jill is new to Surname Studies. She is studying the Curry surname in Australia.

Jill Ball