Nature & Nurture - Family History for Adoptees

Nature & Nurture - Family History for Adoptees


by Amy Slade, Janet Hovorka

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Nature & Nurture - Family History for Adoptees


Two sisters, one adopted and one not, discuss the underlying concepts of genealogy for adoptees and their families. Come learn the difference between nature and nurture genealogy. The adoptee's biological "nature" family history, enhanced by careful use of DNA testing, can fill in blanks where records can't and help adoptees better understand their biological origin. The adoptive family's history can help explain the formative "nurture" foundation of an adoptee's life and create connections with adoptive family members and the adoptive family narrative. Using best practices, family history can be a powerful tool in binding adoptive families and in helping adoptees learn about and make peace with their individual life story.


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Presenter: Amy Slade

Amy Slade MA, received her Masters degree in Folklore from George Mason University and has a Bachelors in Art Education from Brigham Young University. She collaborated with her sister Janet Hovorka on the Zap The Grandma Gap activity books for children ( She has traveled widely throughout five continents as a folk dancer and loves baking, cooking shows, her beautiful new baby and her husband Colin.

Amy Slade
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Presenter: Janet Hovorka

Janet Hovorka and her husband own Family ChartMasters, a genealogy chart printing service and official printing service for Legacy Charting. She is the author of the Zap the Grandma Gap book and workbooks about engaging youth with family history. Janet writes The Chart Chick and the Zap The Grandma Gap blogs and has widely written and lectured about family history. She is a past president of UGA and teaches genealogy and library science at SLCC.

Janet Hovorka