Problem Solving with FANs


Problem Solving with FANs


Often the answer to climbing a genealogy brick wall is simply to go around it. By broadening our research to include our ancestor's friends, associates and neighbors, we can find answers that were previously elusive. Further, we paint a much broader, richer story of the ancestor's life by including their FANs. This class deconstructs the FAN concept then demonstrates how to use them in analysis through multiple examples.


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Presenter: Beth Foulk

Beth Foulk has turned a lifetime genealogy passion into an opportunity to share what she’s learned with genealogists across the country.
She has documented her Civil War, War of 1812, and Revolutionary War ancestors.  She has mapped the migration of her Kansas and Missouri pioneers.  And researched the arrival of her many Massachusetts Colonial settlers.  Each ancestor and each story quickly become a “teaching moment” for her classes.

“The only thing more fun than a genealogy find, is sharing what I’ve learned to help other genealogists.”

Foulk has been “spreading the genealogy gospel” since 2008 when she first taught as a volunteer at the Midwest Genealogy Center in Independence, Missouri.

Beth Foulk