Nebraska - A Genealogy Journey (BONUS webinar for subscribers)


Nebraska - A Genealogy Journey (BONUS webinar for subscribers)


Nebraska became a state in 1867 and also became home to people of ethnic diversification. Learn about the early history, settlements and geography of Nebraska, all influential in your research. Land laws and records as well as promotional railroad land are discussed. Other types of records available in any of the 93 counties of Nebraska are significant in research. Learn about the time periods and types of records available in the state.


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Presenter: Ruby Coleman

Ruby Coleman, who resides in North Platte, Nebraska, spends a good deal of her time doing genealogical research on her families in Nebraska and the plains states, and also professionally. She has lived in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Iowa, and Nebraska. She has written articles for Ancestry, Heritage Quest, The Genealogical Helper, Family Chronicle and Internet Genealogy. For thirteen years she wrote the column, "Heritage Lines" for the North Platte Telegraph, North Platte, NE. Her books, Iowa Genealogical Records and Genealogical Research in Nebraska were published in 2014. She has presented lectures for the Family History Expo. Currently Coleman is president of the North Platte Genealogical Society and a past president of the Nebraska State Genealogical Society. Using her knowledge of Nebraska and the plain states genealogy and history, plus genealogical methodology, Coleman writes, lectures and teaches genealogy. She is a member numerous local, state and national genealogical organizations. In 2012 she was named 2011 Nebraska Genealogist of the Year by the Nebraska State Genealogical Society.

Ruby Coleman