Getting Started in Scrapbooking

Getting Started in Scrapbooking


by Debbie Budge, Susan Budge

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Getting Started in Scrapbooking


Learn how to scrap your past and present quickly and easily. Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve your heritage and those precious family memories, and in this Introduction to Scrapbooking webinar, we will show you how to use designer templates from Kiwi Lane Designs to create beautiful layouts that your whole family will love to look at!


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Presenter: Debbie Budge

Debbie Budge is a recent widow and the mother of 8 children. She has had a burning interest in researching her family history since the age of 17 and has been able to trace some of her family lines back to the early years of our country and across the sea to Germany and England. She currently is a co-owner of Kiwi Lane Designs, along with Susan Budge and her daughter, Shiloh Jorgensen. Debbie believes scrapbooking is a natural extension of family history as it both documents the lives of family members, both past and present, and brings their stories to life.

Debbie Budge
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Presenter: Susan Budge

Susan Budge is a wife and a mother of five children — four girls and one boy. She is passionate about family, photos and creativity, all of which come together in her love of scrapbooking. She is currently the CEO of Kiwi Lane Designs, a scrapbooking and card-making company.

Susan Budge
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