Lineage and Lingerers: Why Our Ancestors Stayed Put

Lineage and Lingerers: Why Our Ancestors Stayed Put

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by Janet Few

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Lineage and Lingerers: Why Our Ancestors Stayed Put


This presentation was originally presented as part of the 2019 Society of One Place Studies annual seminar.

In an investigation of residential persistence, Janet Few looks at what factors encouraged families to remain in one place whilst others move on. Are there common features that mark out these dynastic families’, those that establish themselves in a community over several generations? Do particular occupations, landownership or the presence of extended kin make a family more likely to stay? Drawing on her studies of several communities in North Devon, Janet explains how we can investigate residential persistence in families or communities.


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Presenter: Janet Few

Janet is an experienced family, social and community historian who lectures regularly on these subjects throughout the UK, overseas and at sea. She has been involved in surname research since 1982 and is the honorary historian for the Braund Family Society. Janet completed her doctorate at the University of Exeter, researching migration patterns in nineteenth century North Devon. In her quest to track down those who left North Devon in their new homes, she has worked with many records for countries across the English speaking world.

Janet Few