Arkansas and Its People

Arkansas and Its People

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by Jane Wilkerson

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Arkansas and Its People


Learn about how to research you Arkansas families pre-territorial (1673-1819), territorial (1819-1836), and statehood (1836-present).  Record types, locations and examples will be presented and discussed.


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Presenter: Jane Wilkerson

Jane A. Wilkerson is an Archival Assistant at the Arkansas State Archives. She has a B.A. in History and an M.A. in Public History from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. Wilkerson served at the Arkansas State Archives from 2001 to 2017 as a library technician, archival manager, and interim director. She also worked as an independent researcher before returning to the Arkansas State Archives in 2018. Wilkerson is also a board member of the Arkansas Genealogical Society.

Jane Wilkerson
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