APPsolutely Genealogy!

APPsolutely Genealogy!

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by Garri Regev

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APPsolutely Genealogy!


Technology has changed the way we do research. Many Apps can be combined with traditional methods of genealogy research and play a role in preserving our family story for future generations. Use of these apps can be a way to involve multiple generations and increase cooperation between family members. This lecture will feature a selection of apps and their possible uses regarding genealogy such as cemetery documentation, data organization, family trees, mapping, photo albums, recipes, scanners, scrapbooks, voice recording and more. This webinar is part of the full-day MyHeritage genealogy seminar, broadcast live from MyHeritage headquarters in Or Yehuda, Israel.


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Presenter: Garri Regev

Garri Regev has lived in Israel since 1978 and was an elementary teacher for more than 20 years there. Garri has been doing genealogical research for over 20 years. She has lectured in Genealogy to many adult groups including Hadassah, Touro College, the Central Zionist Archives, EVA/MINERVA and IAJGS Conferences. Garri currently volunteers at the Israel Museum, at the CZA and the NLI Genealogy Center. She was President of the Israel Genealogical Society and of the Israel Genealogy Research Association. She was the Vice-Chair of the 2015 IAJGS Conference in Jerusalem and co-chair of program. Currently Garri is a Board Member of the LitvakSIG, the primary internet resource for Lithuanian-Jewish (Litvak) genealogy research worldwide Special Interest Group.

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