Planning Your Irish Research Trip

Planning Your Irish Research Trip

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by David Ryan

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Planning Your Irish Research Trip


Have you dreamed of traveling to Ireland in order to research your Irish ancestry but don't know where to start? To those beginning research into their Irish origins and even many of those more experienced planning a research trip can seem daunting. Do you simply drive around the town your ancestors came from hoping to encounter a long lost relative or make an immediate beeline for a national repository? This presentation will provide an overview of the various Irish repositories and offer advice on just how how you can get the most out of them. 


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Presenter: David Ryan

David Ryan (MA DIPGEN) is a professional genealogist based just outside of Cork city, Ireland. He has worked as professional genealogist for the past five years. He is currently a researcher with the Cork Folklore Project, a community based oral history project in Cork City.

David is a graduate of University College Cork. He has an MA in Medieval History and a Diploma in Genealogy.

David Ryan
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