Your DNA questions answered live with Diahan

Diahan Southard
Sep 18, 2020
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Targeted Testing
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Matching Groups
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FTDNAs Matrix
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Got a DNA question? Diahan Southard will be on hand to answer your questions – LIVE! Submit questions in advance to

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    ++++ OUTSTANDING. Don’t think there is any better person to explain DNA

    A little bit too advanced for me.

    A real winner-Spectacular and so easy to understand.

    Again, Diahan explains complicated processes so well with her analogies. A couple new words or concepts for me today. I’d love to see how she takes the theory to a spreadsheet/chart to analyze. I’ve seen various methods and processes. A step by step from each site would be great. I know the data can be downloaded, but opening it up and setting up the spreadsheet (the decisions) is where I start to get muddled. Then adding data from other sites.

    Always a wonderful webinar when Diahan presents; very clear and the graphics help. Thank you.

    Always educational and demystifying!

    Always enjoy Diahan and how she makes DNA more understandable and usable in family research.

    Always excellent! I keep learning new things long after I thought I knew it all, lol…

    Always excellent!!

    Always excellent. I learn something new from Diahan every time!

    Always great info from this presenter!

    Always great to hear Diahan!

    Always great!!

    always informative. She answers questions I had not even thought of asking! thank you

    Always learn something from Diahan!

    always learn something new about DNA with Diahan

    Always tops!

    always well explained with examples. Thanks again.

    Amazing information. Diahan is so good at giving information in such an understandable manner!

    An amazing ability to explain complicated topics simply. I’d normally nod off in a webinar like this. Not with Diahan!

    As always I learn so much from her lectures/webinars. Thank you so much.

    As always, Diahan Southard imparts a large amount of information in a short time but makes it understandable. Her enthusiasm for this subject is evident, and she’s a wonderful presenter.

    As always, I learned something new and will come back to rewatch so I can put into practice different aspects of this webinar. Thank you Diane.

    As always, informative & motivating!

    As usual Diahan gave a great presentation with great diagrams. I will be updating my personal genealogy to my 2 DNA sites soon. Also need to practice the things she show us how to.

    as usual Diahan is great!


    Awesome as always. Looking forward to the webinar in December.

    AWESOME as Diahan always is!!! I have been fortunate to attend Diahan’s live presentations and have watched many webinars (beginning in 2016 – I think) with Diahan; but, I always learn something new. I continue to be in awe of her kindness in teaching skills. She encourages and motivates novices through experts with such style and grace. Her knowledge base is phenomenal! Thank you to all for making this happen!

    AWESOME she explains DNA is a non science way so helpful!!

    awesome talk Diahan, useful explanations and very entertaining. thanks Geoff for organising

    Awesome! I try never to miss Dian’s presentations because I learn so much.

    Awesome!! So much good information and she makes it easier to understand

    Brilliant webinar which has answered some of my DNA question.

    Can’t wait till December for her next webinar

    Certainly, Ms. Southard should be rated well beyond a “5” !!! Both her depth of knowledge AND her ability to synthesize is beyond words. Simply stated :: she is FANTASTIC.

    Definitely got new tools to work with. Hope I can figure how to actually get results with them.

    Diahan always explains things in a way that is easily understood and then is easy to apply to my own work.

    Diahan always presents very well.

    Diahan always speaks so clearly, has great screens, and is so well organized. I always learn a great deal.

    Diahan always teaches a top notch webinar!

    Diahan can explain DNA better than anyone else I’ve listened to. I love her examples and analogies!

    Diahan covered such a wide variety of DNA topics, will need to watch the recording to grasp some concepts.

    Diahan explains difficult concepts so well! Thank you!

    Diahan explains everything so clearly! Thanks.

    Diahan gave me more information to look at my percentages clearer. She has also opened up more questions with my genealogy.

    Diahan is always enjoyable to listen to and she knows her stuff!

    Diahan is ALWAYS excellent!

    Diahan is always terrific! Another great webinar!

    Diahan is an excellent educator. she knows how to explain a subject in an instructive step-by-step manner, and leads listeners along an understandable path of learning. I very much appreciate her teaching ability, as well as her knowledge.

    Diahan is inspirational

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Diahan is just awesome in explaining DNA. It is not often someone so smart at a complicated subject can explain it to others. She is very gifted. A great teacher. Thanks for having her back.

    Diahan is so good!!!

    Diahan is the BEST!

    Diahan is the best.

    Diahan is wonderful! I love the way she makes things clear for non-scientists. My favorite today was the 12 year old girl analogy. I have raised 2 daughters and my granddaughters are 13 and 15! Diahan you are in my prayers!

    Diahan was excellent as usual. She explains things so well! I love all of the examples that she gives to illustrate the points that she is making.

    Diahann does an excellent job with explaining DNA. I am beginning to understand DNA more and more with her webinars.

    Diahann has a great way of presenting a very complex and confusing topic in easy to understand illustrations and words.

    Diahan’s analogies are very helpful in explaining DNA concepts. I also like the speed that she moves through the material.

    Diane is always a font of knowledge!

    Dianne is so good!

    Dihan is the best speaker. She takes complex info and boils it down into simple terms and desciptions with a powerful delivery. I love learning from her.

    Each webinar tops the last. I learn something new every time I hear Diahne speak.

    Enjoyed the presentation even though DNA is somewhat mind boggling, but I’ll keep listening, reading and working at it. Thank you. : )

    Every time I attend one of your webinars I pickup more tools to investigate. Thanks for your time today.


    Excellent !!

    Excellent , as usual.

    Excellent as usual

    Excellent as usual for Diahan. She’s one of the best instructors in imparting knowledge in an entertaining as well as enlightening manner.

    Excellent as usual! Love Diahann!

    Excellent as usual.

    Excellent content! Diahan is fantastic!

    Excellent examples in presentation!

    Excellent presentation. Loved the charts


    Excellent! Thank you very much!

    Excellent! Well-organized, clear, very informative. Great reminders of things to do, as always. Thanks!


    Excellent, as always! Thanks!

    Excellent, as usual!!!

    Fantastic!!! I would rate it higher than 5 if allowed. Diahan is very good at explaining concepts and I love her analogies (weather forecast, 12 year old girls, etc.).

    Fantastic_ I always learn so much from Diahan’s presentations. Please come back for some more in-depth presentations.

    Great analogies and also very good info on delving into the background on the Shared cM Project, as well as the Ancestry ethnicity estimates.

    Great as always

    Great explanations today!

    Great help!

    Great info!

    Great information once again from Diahan Southard!!

    Great presentation.

    Great session. Diahan is so clear and has beautiful straightforward illustrations and examples.

    Great session. Got answers to questions I didn’t know that I had! 😀

    Great to get some answers about Ancestry’s new ethnicity calculations. My first look at mine had me saying “I don’t think so”.

    Great webinar on answering DNA questions.

    Great webinar.


    Great, as always! Thank you!!!

    Have watch a second maybe third time because we covered so many different concepts.

    Her use of the visual charts to explain makes her presentations very understandable. She is an excellent communicator.

    I always learn new tips and tricks from Diahann’s webinars!

    I always learn so much with Diahan Southard. Now to try to apply it!! Thanks for putting on these informative webinars.

    I gained more clarity on using DNA to make sure I am looking at the correct matches and why some matches are there and may not necessarily be by Genetic match.

    I have got to get to watching more of the DNA webinars! I am falling behind. I have some catching up to do, that is for sure. I am especially interested in the other Q & A sessions. Good job, today!!!!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    I liked he explanations ie to the weather. That I understood. SO good to hear an entire upbeat presentation.

    I liked the half 1cousin example

    I love these DNA Questions and Answers! So helpful, I always learn so much. Thank you, thankyou!

    I love these Q&A webinars by Diahan! Great information that is well presented and explained! More, please!!!! Thanks!

    I loved the timber analogy. It helped to understand the concept much better. I’m still confused about some things so will need to study it a little more.

    I need to learn all I can so this was good. I need to learn how to interpet the numbers that you get from FTDNA on the big Y test. It shows numbers and locations and if anyone with the same numbers match you as far as if you are decended from the same person. I need to learn much more about this. Thank you

    I really appreciated the explanation about Timber and the 1000 times. It explains a lot. Many thanks to Diahan – I always love listening to her.

    I signed in late but since I am a member, I can listen to the entire presentation. Thanks to Diahan for her answering our questions.

    I started late and had to take a couple of calls. Hoping to watch it again soonest. Thanks.

    I teach classes on DNA and appreciate her in-depth topics such as dealing with what I call orphan clusters — shared match groups that have a common ancestor that is not in your family tree.

    I was late attending, another tasks but what heard was very informative. Thanks for the reminders

    I will have to review this again the presentation was wonderful . I’m fairly new to DNA. Great job Diahan thanks

    I’m a repeat participant in Diahan’s webinars, and I always learn something new or a new angle that I can apply to my work with genetic genealogy! Through her webinars and her book, Diahan has become my mentor!

    I’m sorry to have missed part of it. Dianne does such a good job of explaining DNA on a level that everyone can understand. Thank you!

    Informative, but I have no living relatives. Hence cant go any further.

    It seems that I always listen to a first class presenter when I listen to one of your webinars. I did not realise that I was able to pick out the best of the best so consistently.

    It was wonderful. So helpful!!! love it. Thank you.

    Keep picking up more things with each DNA webinar

    learned TONS! love it!

    Like many others, I learn something(s) new every time I listen to Diahan. Thank you for sharing your time with us.

    Like you both said, each time attending a DNA workshop one learns more. Thank you so much for this opportunity. Think I will become a member. I have gained so much from watching these webinars which have been hosted by Marion County History and Genealogy group in Indy for us for quite awhile (back when we met in person “”sans masks.”” Hope some of my friends also attended, I emailed them the info. on this amazing seminar.

    Loads of information to resolve ancestor roadblocks

    Lots of information covered, all very joyously and professionally presented!

    Lots of information. Did go very fast but included a lot.

    lots of new approaches were put forth

    lots of new info will have to watch again but love Diahan

    Love Diahan Southard!

    Love Diahan Southard, I would listen to her anyday

    LOVE Diahan!

    Love Diahans enthusiasm ad I learn so much.

    Love the illustrations, help me to understand better

    Love the way it was explained. Makes it easier to understand

    Love these webinars. Always learn something new and new techniques. Was very well explained!

    More webinars with Diane

    My favorite person to hear from!. I learn something each time from her.

    New ways to make sense of DNA

    Nice examples to help illustrate concepts.

    Nice explanations for DNA matches! Thank you.

    Nobody explains DNA more clearly, in ways we can all understand! More Diahan, please.

    Outstanding presentation! I love the analogies used to simplify concepts. Looking forward to viewing her archives.


    She always does a fantastic job. Keep bringing her back!

    She always makes it understandable!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    She explains everything well and she has a great voice

    She is fantastic!

    She is so great. I love how she uses examples that we all understand to relate to DNA. Especially when she uses personal tidbits.

    She is so very good at explaining complicated things understandably. What a gift!!

    She is the best!

    She is wonderful! Explanations are on a level we all can understand. Love the examples of the predictability of ethnicity with the “weather” predictability. Helped me understand why the companies differ.

    She is wonderful! Really has the gift of explaining concepts so that they are easy to understand

    she’s a great speaker

    So helpful, Diahan has a way of explaining things with graphics that make it much easier to understand. Great presentation-Thanks!

    So helpful. You explain concepts so clearly. Thanks

    So much information in such a short time. I learn more every time I hear her speak! I did really like the weather and math examples to correlate! Can’t wait to look up my ethnicity range percentages again.

    So much to learn and Diahan really explains it so anyone can understand!

    Still learning about DNA…………. Keep up the good work!

    still learning lots!!

    Still learning one step at a time.

    Thank you

    Thank you very much! Diahan gives great explanations!

    Thank you. Very interesting and helpful!

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to submit DNA questions and have them answered by Diahan, who not only knows her material extremely well but also knows how to explain it clearly!


    There are so many directions to go with DNA research and as always Diahan is a phenomenal guide. Thanks All

    Understanding DNA can be confusing. These webinars are so helpful. Thanks

    Understanding the cm’s and strands is still confusing to me. I am going to send Diahan a text to get more insight. Overall, she is a great teaching and I enjoyed listening to today’s webinar. Thanks!

    Very clear answers. Much appreciated.

    Very good – will go back and listen again as I have so much to learn.

    Very good as usual

    Very good information. She talked so fast it was hard to get everything down.

    very gppd explanations

    Very hard to keep up with technical stuff, but one tries.

    Very Helpful !

    Very helpful and explained clearly and well. She is the best!

    very helpful explanations

    Very helpful pointers +the insight to the way the various sites process the results

    Very helpful. I could listen to it all over and catch things I missed!

    Very informative

    Very informative webinar!

    Very informative, as always. Love Diahan Southard!

    Very informative. There is to learn. Make me want to learn more and do more about genealogy and genetic genealogy.

    Very informative. Well planned, logical.

    Very interesting, but often a bit over my head (for now).

    Very interesting, pace was a bit fast but i guess it is the only way to cover all the material. Thank you!

    Very interesting…. think I learned quite a bit.

    We need a 10 button for Diahan – she is a ten

    Webinars through Legacy is the best investment I’ve ever made to help me learn. Thank you. Diahan is a great explainer of DNA.

    Well presented. I learned about some features in MyHeritage and FTDNA that I didn’t know before. Many thanks.

    wow so much info appreciate her knowledge and love her enthusiasm

    wow wow great

    You used some very effective examples to make your ideas much more understandable. Thank you.


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