Your DNA questions answered live with Diahan

Diahan Southard
Jun 12, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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Autosomal DNA
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Matches with No Tree
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Which Testing Company?
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Got a DNA question? Diahan Southard will be on hand to answer your questions – LIVE! Submit questions in advance to

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A truly great source of knowledge and comfort in all matters DNA!

    +++++ Brilliant. There is so much to learn but Diahan is the best teacher making it fun as well as informative

    A bit too technical for my level of dna knowledge

    A lot of information but most was over my head . I’m definitely watching Diahan’s other DNA webinars .

    Always helpful information.

    Always learn so much from her presentations. Going to head back out and watch again slowly while looking at my own MtDNA.

    Always learn something! Thank you.

    Always like to have information a little above my level of comfort. It makes me stretch and learn new things.

    Another excellent and informative presentation. Thanks!

    Another excellent presentation and explanation by Diahan. Thank you for continuing to present these DNA webinars.

    Another great webinar from Diahan! Marian you are doing a fabulous job hosting!

    Another Great webinar. Thank you Diahan.

    Another WOW from Diahan. Love the DNA Q&A.

    As always Diahan explains DNA related questions in easy to follow explanations and diagrams.

    As always, Diahan was excellent. I love the graphics as they really help with the understanding.

    As always, Great.

    As usual, I learned something new. Great webinar.


    D. Southard always gives an energetic program.

    Diahan always a treat

    Diahan always can take the complicated and make it understandable. Today’s webinar was no different.

    Diahan does it again!

    Diahan does such a good job making a complex subject more understandable! I always learn something.

    Diahan explains complicated DNA issues so clearly that I almost understand!

    Diahan is a great presenter. She makes DNA relatable and understandable.

    Diahan is always great at explaining complicated subjects.

    Diahan is always GREAT.

    Diahan is always so informative.

    Diahan is sooo wonderful explaining this. Still new and trying to grasp anything on this. Thank you!

    Diahan is wonderful! Keep bringing her on.

    Diahan makes DNA much more accessible and fun. Thank you.

    Diahan really knows her stuff. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but I learn something new every time.

    Diahan Southard is an knowledgeable, interesting and animated speaker.

    Diahan speaks very clearly and is very well organized.

    Diahan was wonderful as usual. I can’t think of any things she could do better!

    Diahan wasn’t too technical at all. She explains difficult concepts so the lay person can understand. Thank you, LegacyFamilyTree, for webinars that feature her.

    Diahan’s presentations are always great, but I still have trouble staying focused when it DNA info gets too complicated. 🙁

    Diahan’s presentations are to the point, excellently illustrated and fun!

    Diahan’s webinars are always so well presented and informative.

    Diane’s stuff is always good. Maybe I’ve seen/read too much stuff. I’m starting to feel like I’ve already heard what the presenter is saying. But her graphics are great! So helpful with triangulation.

    DNA is always confusing

    DNA is always exciting to study. There is so much I don’t know but am willing to learn. Each webinar is so informative but as an older learner, I have to re-watch and practice as I re-watch each episode. It is still my favorite topic of study.

    everything was great

    Excellent explanation and examples of triangulation.

    Excellent graphics.

    Excellent info- loved it!!!
    Excellent job explained a lot of my questions

    Excellent webinar! Thank you!



    Excellent! I am really loving when Diahan explains things deeper (we can take it)! There are very many beginning DNA webinars, so I really appreciate her taking the time to share with us more advanced information and techniques.

    Excellent! Loved the techie parts and the all her answers. Learned a ton.

    Excellent, as always!

    Fantastic as always!

    Fantastic as always. I think she is one of my favorite people to watch give webinars. I always learn something new and she is a captivating speaker!



    found it interesting & informative

    Good info. Technical info presented well.

    Good questions


    Great DNA Webinar.

    Great information as usual!

    Great job!

    Great speaker!

    Great webinar! Very informative! Thanks!

    Great webinar, I had trouble following a few things but I’m going to watch it again. I also bought Diahan’s book which is full of information! Thanks so much.


    Great. And thank you allvery much.

    Hard for me to rate as I am unable to wrap my brain around DNA. I need to find a beginner DNA class

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    She is always fantastic. Keep bringing her back.

    She is so good!

    She is very knowledgeable and makes it easier to understand. I’m glad she covers technical subjects.

    SHe knows her stuff but went beyond my interest.

    She makes DNA easier to understand.

    so very good

    Some of the haplo stuff is over my head, but I hope I absorbed a bit of it

    Some of the questions were way over my head but I listened and someday it will make more sense. Other questions, well, the answers were really valuable and thankful I was listening, Thank You so much. See you next week.

    Sometimes a little heavy to soak in but generally I understand. Thank you Diahan and Legacy Family Tree!

    Super! Thanks so much! I have NO complaint that you didn’t answer my specific question, because you *more than answered* my question with the questions you did answer; and you answered a whole lot of questions that I did not ask but which were simmering in the back of my brain.

    thank you

    thank you for answering my question!

    I again appreciated and enjoyed the level of technical detail. thank you!

    Thank you for answering my question, I found out about uploading to familytreeDNA and Living DNA and using 23 and me for better Central cameraman heritage matches

    Thank You!

    Thank You!


    the beginning was over my head, but for those that understand DNA it would have been great.

    There was so much excellent information and tips that I will follow up on. Thank you!

    This was my first one with Diahan and she started with information that didn’t related to me and was complex but I stayed with it and her last several questions were helpful. She did a good job of reaching everyone however. Thanks.

    Too technical starting out.

    Trying to learn DNA and yhese questions are the same ones I would aSK

    very fine presentation!!!

    Very Good

    Very good

    Very good explanations .

    Very good information. thank you.

    Very good presentation. I like her being technical with DNA info, it gives me a start to begin to learn more! Thank you.

    Very good! I enjoyed the explanation of mtDNA branching. It cleared most of the fog. I also appreciated hearing focus on the generation of connection and where to look from there. A helpful reminder that I will print out and keep in front of me. 😉 Thank you Diahan and Legacy Family Tree Webinars!

    Very helpful

    Very helpful and glad there are other people that are great question askers too!

    Very helpful!

    very informative

    Very informative!

    Very informative. Great lesson! I need to review webinar. Grateful to have it online for viewing. Thank you!

    very interesting and informative

    Very interesting and informative, thank you

    Very understandable. Will attempt to submit questions for Diahan’s next webinar.

    Well presented.

    What a wonderful speaker!!! I struggle with understanding DNA but, between her lively voice and clear slides, I’m slowly understanding it better. Thanks so much. Great afternoon!

    wonderful – always learn a lot from Diahan and it was not too technical – helps me to learn!

    Wonderful explanations

    Wonderful! I am only leaving for necessary appointment. I will watch again on recording. Thanks so much!!!



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