Which Spot Does X Mark, Anyway? X-DNA Testing in Action

Debra Renard
Dec 4, 2019
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About this webinar

Because X-DNA isn't a stand-alone test, it's an overlooked research tool even confused with mtDNA. And those cryptic inheritance charts! Let's see how it's applied.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Debra Smith Renard, the founder of Eureka! Genealogy, is a professional Genetic Genealogist. She is co-leader of the Louisville Genealogical Society’s Genetic Genealogy Special Interest Group. She is a former staff genealogist for N
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    % of pass down was interesting and to use 15cM for X.

    A very interesting and comprehensive webinar on X DNA.

    Absolutely brilliant webinar which will help me move forward with my DNA researches to knock down some of my brick walls and confirm other theories.

    Another way to determine relationships of dna matches

    Be great to have another webinar on this subject

    Best I’ve ever experienced! Let’s do this again and again and again!

    Clean, concise and relevant!

    Debra did a great job of breaking down the X-DNA distribution, especially between siblings and half-siblings.

    Debra’s webinar was the most useful webinar I have heard to date. I have taken week-long DNA courses and listened to countless DNA lectures. No lecturer has ever demystified X-DNA.

    Despite the good information about X DNA, I find myself still unsure about parts of it. Will have to re-watch the webinar and perhaps do some work with my results to get a better handle on it. Good webinar.

    DNA is complicated, but this webinar gave me insights about x-DNA that I did not know. For example, that X and mitochondrial are different, and how to use the X to figure out whether an autosomal match is paternal or maternal.


    excellent handout and excellent presentation. presenting speed was paced to understand.

    Excellent information – thanks!

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent speaker!

    Excellent special topic information and speaker. Well prepared and presented.




    Excellent! Thanks!

    Excellent!! I can’t wait to watch this again to reinforce what I learned today. I have a case I’ve been trying to solve that I know I can solve now that I watched this webinar.

    Excellent, thank you.

    Excellent, will have to watch again. Had to leave for a meeting Thanks


    Excellent. definitely will re-watch!

    Excellent. Thank you.

    Excellent; although x-DNA is described in Blaine Bettinger’s book, this presentation was very clear and the example was also helpful.

    Good topic. Thanks.

    Great information on a topic that can be confusing. Thank you.

    Great information! Thanks so much!

    Great overview and refresher, plus examples and tips for X-DNA use. Enjoyed the presenter.

    Great program…even as I have had to use X Chromosome analysis to find my grandfather’s family, this program helped my better understand more about X Chromosome usefulness. Thanks for the great program…Debra Renard should be used more often.

    Great review of a topic and she added lots of new rules to add!

    Great webinar on X DNA.

    Great. I hope to use it to break a brick wall!

    I can hardly wait to apply what I learned today. Well, the parts I understood at least. lol This was mostly over my head, but I can now see some benefits to learning and applying X Matching. Thanks

    I really hadn’t thought about where my xDNA was coming from my father. I seem to have many more matches on his paternal side and that could possibly account for some of that. Debra Renard was explained very clearly; I just need to go back and look at the charts again. Thanks so much.

    Informative, helpful. I wish I could have all my X-DNA info and doubts on hand in order to ask pointed questions…

    Interesting, but a little hard to wrap my brain around. I understand, I think, but figuring out how to use it will be more of a challenge. Bravo for the topic!

    It was very helpful in that it confirmed that I am on the right track with the understanding that I am developing from my own research re the X chromosome. The legacy charting tip was also very helpful!

    Loved it! I even took time out from school to watch it. Thank you so much!

    Loved the questions posed and answered…helped clarify what had been taught

    Loved the real-life examples!

    Loved the topic. Enjoy any DNa info I can get. She was wonderful.

    Loved today! Please have Debra Smith Renard back again. A whole new way to look at X-DNA. Excellent can’t wait to watch again.

    Maybe the best webinar ever. So many new ways to look at DNA. A definite re-watch.

    Mind boggling topic but introduced me to X dna concept.

    more please

    Nice overall explanation of X-DNA and its application to genetic cousin matching

    Now I’ll pay more attention to X in my matches.

    Oh, so many new avenues to pursue!!!

    One of the best webinar presentations I have ever seen on Legacy. Peease bring Debra back for more DNA explanations.

    Opens up a whole new world. Thanks a lot.

    Outstanding presentation and syllabus.


    Outstanding! Must re-watch, probably a number of times to absorb all that was presented. Top quality webinar – thank you.

    Please more on X DNA.

    Really needed this one! Thanks!

    She is a very good teacher!

    Super useful to me right away.

    Terrific webinar! A definite re-watch! Thank you! : )

    Thank you for helping me understand the basics of X DNA and how I can use it!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    The best DNA webinar yet as Debra is a great communicator and her graphics made the handout come to life!

    There was so much information packed into this webinar; definitely worth revisiting the library. Thank you.

    This is a very complicated subject matter, but Debra did a great job explaining it in the webinar. I think it is a webinar that I will have to watch several times in order to wrap my head around all the recombination possibilities, etc. If people will study and learn this, it should eliminate a lot of frustrations in how we try to match with others. I hope you can bring her back for additional webinars. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

    This was great. It helped sort things out for me. I’m trying to find my fathers side of the family

    Totally amazing presentation. Newish material, very comprehensive and yet toatally understandable! Superb Webinar! I even stayed for the Q&A which I usually don’t. Have Debra do MORE!

    Very clear explanation. Thank you.

    Very clear, concise and useful information.

    very good and her handout went along well with webinar so it’ll be easy to refer back

    Very helpful

    Very Helpful

    Very helpful and clear. Only thing I might have liked to see is how things appear on GedMatch/Genesis as well. Thanks so much this webinar!

    Very informative – Thank you

    Very informative and helpful

    Very informative. Will have to watch again to absorb everything. Thanks for handout.

    Very interesting additional way to look at DNA matches

    VERY interesting. Will definitely rewatch this several times. Answered the question of ‘What do I do with the X-match?’

    Very interesting. She made it very understandable.

    very useful

    Very well explained.

    Very, very good! Her Syllabus followed her presentation and was very complete. Hardly ever is the Syllabus that complete!!

    Very, very informative!! Please have Debra back.

    Well presented, and easy to understand.

    Went so fast, hard to follow. Will have to look at FTDNA, etc. to see if I can duplicate her logic.

    Will watch again as soon as this one is posted on your site. Thank you!!!

    Wonderful new topic on the X-DNA … answers many questions on this.

    Would like more like this.

    Wow! Helpful! I’ll have to listen to this more than once.

    Wow!!!!! Two outstanding webinars in one day. This evenings webinar by Debra Smith Renard “Which Spot Does X Mark, Anyway? X-DNA Testing in Action” was absolutely fascinating. So must new information to think about and get familiar with. Will be watching the webinar many more times.

    Wow, who knew??? Excited about going back to look at X matches. Thanks, will definitely watch this again.

    Wow,my mind is stuffed with new info and ideas. I had played around with the X chromosome before, but really had no clear idea what I was looking at with various matches. Gotta go check – I think the X chromosome matches on some cousins, one of whom was looking for her birth father, may mean they are paternal 1/2 sisters!

    Xcellent presentation

    Yikes-so much to learn


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