Watch Geoff Live: Adding a Newspaper

Geoff Rasmussen
Nov 17, 2017
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Play. Playing.
Play. Playing.
3m 16s
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Step 1 - To Do Item and Research
Play. Playing.
Step 2 - Source Clipboard
8m 17s
Play. Playing.
Step 3 - Add the data
7m 10s
Play. Playing.
Step 4 - Add Digital Image to event
Play. Playing.
Step 5 - Close To Do item
1m 40s
Play. Playing.
Step 6 - Plan
1m 51s
Play. Playing.
Step 7 - File the paper doc
Play. Playing.
Looking ahead
4m 17s

About this webinar

It was a Friday afternoon, Geoff had completed his projects at work, and he was anxious to add the newspaper article that he found last night to his Legacy family file. So he pulled up his webinar software and hit the record button.


In this webinar, join Legacy's Geoff Rasmussen as he adds the newspaper article to his real, personal Legacy family file. You will learn the seven steps of adding any online document to Legacy as he guides you, unscripted, through the simple process.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is th
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