Valid and Unsound Assumptions: What Was She Thinking?

Jeanne Bloom, CG
May 21, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
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Types of Assumptions
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Case Study
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

The search for the deceased husband of Elizabeth Larzelere enumerated in 1820 with four young children leads to unexpected results and to new questions.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jeanne Larzalere Bloom, CG, is past president of BCG and a full-time professional researcher specializing in Chicago and Cook County, Illinois, forensic genealogy, problem solving, and multi-generational family histories. She holds a Bachelor of A
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Appreciated the case study.

    Brilliant detective work

    Brought up some “forehead slap” moments of why didn’t I think of that!

    clearly communicated with theories and how they were debunked.

    clearly described assumption pitfalls for a complex situation

    Examples and explanations were excellent and understandable. They were based on actual research and actual mistakes one could make.

    Excellent for thinking through our research processes.

    Excellent information on how to sort out people of the same name – I have a lot of those in my family! Thanks!

    Excellent points for us all to be aware of in our research!

    Excellent points were raised. We often forget to think about our research problems to determine all the possible angles we should consider. This webinar reminded me!

    Excellent presentation of assumptions, the differences, and how to overcome them.

    Excellent webinar! So very easy to follow her research. Thank you very much.

    Excellent webinar. Look forward to watching it again. It contains a lot of good lessons.


    Good course – presented well. I definitely relate to some of the assumptions.

    Good food for thought as far as planning and conducting a research project

    Good information, I was distracted because it caused me to rethink some of my tree that matched her examples. I have a GGF that looks like he abandoned his family and the wife lists herself as a widow in the census. But I found he was living with his brother under another name in a distant county. His brother had an alias name too, which was corrected in his obit by their siblings attending his funeral.

    Good presentation. Interesting ways to broaden the research techniques needed.

    Good subject

    Good thing not every problem we have is such a fine example of assumptions!


    Great presentation. It helps to know that even certified genealogists make bad assumptions. Hope for the rest of us.

    Great webinar! I learned a lot about unfounded assumptions

    I appreciate the focus on one standard and fleshing it out in a case study.

    I can in late but what I heard was good

    I do not want to become a CG, but I’ll “try” to keep Jeanne’s suggestions and cautionary tales in mind as I do my genealogy searches. It’s a challenge!

    I enjoyed it.

    I especially appreciate being presented with details of the next steps the researcher took, what they researched next and why, and (in this case) it’s good to know what the researcher SHOULD have thought and done (instead) to be a better researcher.
    I thought her list of assumptions we CAN make (e.g. if a woman is under 12 or over 60, she’s not the mother of the child) was as important as her case study of the way her incorrect assumption led her astray. Will make me more aware as I review family data, to see if it’s valid.

    Interesting prompt to review my own data

    interesting story of Elizabeth and her family.

    Interesting webinar. I was curious about whether Elizabeth was actually divorced or not since she dropped her petition to the Supreme Court and no actual divorce certificate was talked about.

    It is always good to be reminded of, or made aware of, assumptions in this research. This presentation covered good ones with examples that were clear. Thank you, Jeanne!

    it makes you think more about whether your work has been done by assumption or by fact.

    It was a very well-thought lecture with an interesting case study.

    It was very fascinating and something that I need to watch out for as I work with clients and on my own family history.

    It will help me pay more attention to the assumptions I bring to any research problems.

    It’s a standard I don’t think consciously about as being a standard nut was relieved to realize I use.

    It’s great to see a professional genealogist let us in on her early research mistakes, what she’s learned from them, and how she would undertake the same research now.

    Jeanne has taught us a lot about Valid and Unsound ASSumptions great examples!

    Jeanne is a very clear speaker. She explains her points vey well.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Jeanne is such a skilled researcher yet she explained today’s topic in such a way I felt I could use her ideas/techniques too! She kept my attention to the very end. Excellent presentation! Jeanne has presented other webinars and each time I go away feeling the same way.

    Jeanne proved again how good she is at genealogy research – also great story teller

    Kind of a stunner, Jeanne Bloom is making me re-think everything! Thank you for the reality check of what we take for granted.

    Learned a lot. Excellent Webinar and Instructor.

    Lots of good food for thought about assuming so called facts.

    Loved the curveballs – everything is not as it appears

    Made me think that I may have to go back to some of my research.

    Most interesting and provided very helpful information to assist in determining how to verify that I am researching the correct person and line. Another great webinar.

    Most interesting and very informative. Thank you! : )

    nice examples, I have a few assumptions I need to explore

    Really enjoyed her discussions and analogies. Interesting problem that I have encountered as well.

    Really food for thought…boils down to prove everything. If that’s not possible disprove.

    She got her point across of not assuming things. You need to do an exhaustive search.

    She is always great and very helpful explaining genealogical proof standards!

    She provided great information on the dangers of assumptions!

    Sobering. Continues the theme that I developed during the recent NGS conference: “everything you know is wrong!”

    sorry I couldn’t stay for the whole thing – very interesting topic

    Thank you!

    Thank you. Clear and concise presentation. My search for evidence will be more intense from now on.

    Thanks for things I never thought about! My brick wall may be the result of unsound assumptions!

    This lecture gave me a plan to follow on my difficult ancestors.

    Very enlightening to see how facts and assumptions are proved or disproved and what road was taken to do so.

    very good learned a lot

    Very good presentation relaying a lot to consider.

    Very helpful reminder to be mindful of making assumptions – & the distinction between types of assumptions is helpful too.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative

    very interesting case study. I’m sure there is much more for Jeanne to learn!

    Very interesting. I dom’t know if my mind works good enough!!

    Very interesting. I need to do more extensive searches on my brickwalls.

    Very thought provoking! Lots to review. Thank you

    Very useful information for genealogists at any level – loved the case study!

    very well done / presented.

    Wonderful analysis of assumptions!

    Wonderful webinar on valid and unsound assumptions.


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