Using Voting and Election Records to Find Your Ancestor

Melissa Barker
Nov 7, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 30s
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4m 40s
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Why Voting Records
10m 30s
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Types of Records
1m 18s
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The Poll Tax
7m 55s
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Voter Registration Records
6m 25s
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Election Workers
5m 52s
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The Candidate
3m 50s
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Women and Suffrage
2m 38s
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Where Are the Records
10m 09s
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Elections and Fudge Pie
1m 15s
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Google Books
8m 00s
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Announcements / prizes
8m 04s
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Questions / answers
8m 17s

About this webinar

Our ancestors voted in local, state and federal government elections. Many of our local, state and national archives, libraries and genealogical societies have election and voting records that could help genealogists find their ancestors. These records could include the polling places where your ancestor voted and even your ancestor's signature.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Melissa Barker is a Certified Archives Manager and Public Historian currently working at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives. She is affectionally known as The Archive Lady to the genealogy community. She lectures, teaches, and writes
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    After many years of researching, I had not as yet, used Voter/Election records. Thank you for adding a new resource to my research toolbox. Great presentation by Melissa Barker.

    Always enjoy Melissa’s presentation. Great speaker! Thank you. 🙂

    Always glad to hear any of Melisa Barker’s webinars.

    Another source to consider.

    Awesome webinar! Very appropriately timed the day after mid-term elections in the US when many of us are very interested in voting. This appears to be a potential goldmine of records to replace problematic 1890-ish brick walls. Looking forward to getting started… Thanks!!!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of great ideas for new places to research out my genealogy. I am amazed that I had forgotten about these types of records.

    Excellent presentation – good slides – great info.

    Excellent presentation and as applicable to Canadian voting records.

    Excellent presentation. It definitely provided some new avenues for my research. Thank you very much & Happy Hunting to all!!

    Excellent webinar! Very helpful. Thanks to Melissa, Geoff & Legacy!

    Excellent! Encourages me to contact our state archives. Thank you!!

    Found it very informative and am anxious to try it out.

    Fun example documents

    good info

    Good information about a potential substitute for missing census records and non-census years.

    Good information, much of which I was familiar with, but always helpful to review..

    Good material, presented a little slow.

    Good presentation. Thanks Melissa.

    Good speaking pace, liked the slides –not too wordy and easy to follow; also liked all the repository suggestions.

    Great information!

    Great information.

    Great topic and presented well!

    Great webinar! Lots of tips on finding my ancestors in places I didn’t think much about. Thanks 🙂

    I always enjoy her presentations.

    I did really enjoy this speaker.

    I had to leave before the webinar was finished so I’ll be watching this one again later. So glad that I’m a member.

    I rarely give ‘5s,’ but this is well deserved!

    I’m glad I watched, as I now have a new perspective regarding voting & election records. Thank you.


    Interesting. I’ll have to look into voter records more often, especially as a means of locking down where ancestors were when. I just wish they were kept in a standard location and manner. Basically it’s just another haystack to try and find in the hay field, to then hunt for the needle.

    It was very interesting and something I had not known about before.

    Joined late, but thankfully I’m a webinar “member” and will be able to pick up the very parts I missed. Now off to search voting records, etc. (:-)

    Learned a lot about possible sources of information.

    Lots of good ideas to find more info on ancestors, especially 1890-1900! Thanks!!

    Lots of great suggestions for new resources.

    Loved the presentation and the example records given in the slideshow. I appreciated the links provided by Geoff and other attendees. I liked learning about the other products and recordings available.

    Melissa always shares helpful information.

    Melissa Barker is excellent and always presents information on unusual record sources.

    Melissa gave some good ideas for search. Enjoyed this webinar very much

    Melissa provided a lot of food for thought!

    Never thought about these records. I’ll add it to my very very long To Do List.

    Other resources to try!

    Outstanding as always. Great presenter.

    Outstanding presentation. I came away with many new ideas of where to search for records I had not even considered.

    Presenter had in-depth knowledge of her subject. Excellent!

    She’s always very interesting. She even answered one of my questions before I got a chance to ask it. (smile)

    this was great info.

    Today’s webinar was a new direction that I hadn’t considered. Thanks Mellissa for the new insight!!

    Very good

    Very good webinar about a not so common record source. Melissa did a great job. Thank you.

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    Very Informative

    Very informative and helpful for my research! 🙂

    Very informative.

    Very interesting webinar with so much to learn. Thank you very much.

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting, gave me some new research ideas. I think this is the first webinar I have been able to watch of Melissa’s – I will be checking out her other webinars.

    Very interesting. A new set of records to try.

    very organized presentator

    Who would’a thunk it!! What great info and in a place I didn’t consider! Thanks for a very interesting webinar.

    wonderful idea for voting.

    Wonderful information!

    Wonderful new place to search. Thank you


    Would like to learn more about Google Books. The program was very informative. Lots of resources to use.


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