Using South Australia Land Records

Benjamin Hollister
Mar 3, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
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What is there?
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Where Is It?
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What Can I Find?
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How Do I Find It?
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About this webinar

Do you make the most of land records? South Australian Certificates of Title issued in line with the 1858 Real Property Act contain more than just land transactions, SAILIS has more than just certificates, and what about the GRO (Old Systems) records? Did you know that you can find birth, death and marriage details that lie outside the period of public indexes, information about hotel leases, and more? Get an introduction to the main repositories of land records in South Australia, how to access them, and how to make effective searches to find the information you need.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Ben Hollister has been a professional genealogist since 2007, and a historical researcher since 1997. He currently owns and operates History Helper, a historical research business focussing on German-Australian and Australian indigenous research,
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A lot of information which I plan to follow up in Victoria – it was a help to seethe benefit of understanding the folio and volume numbers and how important this information is. Thank you


    Appreciate this webinar; Australian ancestors linked to my maternal line. Thanks!

    Benjamin Hollister had great information on finding resources in South Australia.

    Benjamin Hollister seemed very knowledgeable about the land records in So. Australia and how to access them. I really appreciate his acumen and info.

    Don’t have any family from there but I do enjoy learning more about different places to do research. Thanks

    Fascinating! Although I don’t have a lot to do with South Australia it opened my eyes regarding what may be available in Tasmania and New South Wales.

    Found topic interesting and beneficial. Sorry I had to leave early due to another commitment, but glad I was able to hear as much as I did and the handout looks great.

    Good Overveiw and a good presenter.

    Great love the Down under series!

    Great search explanations, terminologies and methods, with a clearly spoken follow-on to each segment.

    Great webinar on Australia land records and how to use them.

    I have no ancestors in Australia so not applicable, although what I did hear, he sounded easy to understand and knowledgable.

    It covered a lot of helpful information. Thank you

    It was brilliant.

    My first webinar. I am a member of the South Australia Genealogy society so I can have access to their records. I live in the US, but my family is from Australia. This was wonderful, opens up a whole new source of information.

    Quite enlightening as to the information that is available from these documents.

    so much in such a short time, Ben did well to cover the subject in the allocated time.

    So much to pack into an hour. Lucky there is a syllabus.

    Tremendous wealth of knowledge imparted!

    Very enlightening. This is the same system of Land Tenure we use in NZ.

    very good

    Very Helpful!

    Very informative and interesting.

    Very informative, already using SALIS!

    Very interesting. Never would have thought that you might find vital statistics included in land records.

    Wow! there was so much in this session to take in… but will try to research the NSW records


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