Using DNA Test Results to Confirm a Pedigree

Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA
Oct 20, 2020
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About BCG
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Speaker's Introduction
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Verify Pedigree
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DNA standards
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This webinar will feature a demonstration of using DNA test results to confirm a documented ancestral line. We will walk step-by-step through the process using both traditional research and DNA evidence to meet standards.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Angela Packer McGhie, CG, FUGA, is passionate about genealogy education. She serves is a trustee for the Board for Certification of Genealogists and the BCG Education Fund. She coordinates courses at national genealogical institutes and is a popul
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A good topic, and was interesting to see how Angela did this by combining documentation and DNA. Though it seems she is very fortunate in having good documentation for those generations – not always easy to find!

    A little over my head but I understand what she did and why. Now to retain.

    A little short, but she covered the topic well.

    above my expertise, but presentation was easy to follow with her charts

    An extremely helpful webinar, clearly and logically presented in a way that will give me considerable guidance in doing a KDP for one of my most difficult former “brick wall” ancestors. Thank you, Geoff and Angela!

    An unexpected treat to have the “Power Panel”! Angela has such a great way of making something so complicated easy to understand.

    Angela always makes an excellent presentation!

    Angela and the panel gave lots of helpful information and clarification of facts.

    Angela did a beautiful job. It was a plus to have Karen and LaBrenda help with the Q &A.

    Angela did a great job in analyzing her DNA matches and showing us how she organizes the information to prove common ancestors. I enjoyed this very much. It was also nice to have Karen Stanbury and Brenda LaGarrett come in at the end and answer some additional questions.

    Angela gave an awesome presentation with a fantastic handout. I got a lot of good ideas and am excited to apply this to my original KDP and and future projects.

    Angela is always clear in her explanations and examples.

    Angela is always great

    Angela’s presentation was clear and easy to follow. It helped me understand how to apply the DNA standards to my work.

    Angela’s webinar is excellent.

    Another good learning tool.

    Appreciate the new material and depth of the discussion

    As always, another great webinar!

    Angela’s class was VERY interesting – showed me how to better use all the information I am getting (& paying for) with Ancestry, MyHeritage Etc. Really enjoyed it and thank you so much for offering it free!!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Awesome Webinar! Learned lots and Angela made it look easy!


    Clear and easy to follow.

    clear and informative. Need more help in understanding the extent of using dna .

    DNA is always an interesting subject.. I always learn new information from all the webinars I’ve see. This one was just as good and full of information I can use to document my DNA matches.

    Easy to follow and great instruction.

    Easy to follow and of great value to me!

    Easy to follow methodology, great graphics and an EXCELLENT handout.

    Enjoyed how Angela clearly laid out all hers steps. Making it easy for us to follow and also understand how to replicate the process in our own family tree.

    Even though I watched at 1.00am I both enjoyed and learnt a great deal from this webinar. The explanation of the certification process and links on the website from LaBrenda, the clear step by step process used by Angela and then the final question session from all three was all informative. Another webinar to refer back to again when I start to write up my proofs even if not for certification

    Excellant! I need to get up to speed.




    Excellent information that I can put to immediate use

    Excellent information! I am on the clock now, so this webinar was extremely helpful!

    Excellent presentation by Angela, and so great to have Karen and LaBrenda to answer questions too!

    Excellent presentation!!!!

    Excellent presentation, very clear information in what could be a difficult research project. So well done! Glad that LaBrenda and Karen were also there to answer questions. Three valuable resources.

    Excellent- she made it so clear. Such a great teacher.

    Excellent webinar and discussion afterward

    Excellent webinar and kudos to Geoff for handling the great questions and answers. Are you free Thursday night for moderating that debate??? .. an interested Canadian eh!


    Excellent! Angela is an awesome presenter!

    Excellent. Well presented. Complex concepts presented in a most understandable way.


    Fantastic! This is just what I needed! Thank you so much!

    For someone reasonably new to DNA and genealogy, it was a lot to take in. I may have to listen to the recording to completely understand it. But, that said, I did learn quite a bit. Thank you.

    Good review.

    Great case study that showed using DNA doesn’t have to be complicated.

    Great Info!

    Great info!

    Great info!

    Great job. Picked up some good hints.

    Great overview! Thanks so much.

    Great presentation & Q/A panel

    Great presentation. Made it look easy :))).

    Great program…Angela provides practical tips to demonstrate her analysis. Very helpful.

    Great speakers

    Great talk, and great discussion afterwards with 3 experts!

    Great to get more ideas on using DNA to help prove relationships of great grandparents and beyond.

    Great webinar

    Great Webinar, well explained! A Thankyou to LeBrenda for her intro for BCG, i have heard it before, i have the book and i have a general good idea about BCG cert needs and wants. After the intro by Lebrenda to Judy Russels talk i did go look at the BCG Web site- it had been a while, and it was great, and did read the information under the tabs and review the FAQ , and was pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful links to go look at, I discovered a great place for more learning !

    How could you not enjoy tonight! Wow!

    I already use genetic genealogy in my work with adoptees but am interested in using it to work on lineages. This webinar was a good overview of how it’s used in a Kinship Project. I also like the addition of the Genealogical Standards for DNA to show us how to apply those in our work.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I am never disappointed when watching your webinars.; even if it’s a topic that I’m not really interested in. I work til 8 pm (EST) so I’m always late but I know that I can always watch with my membership.

    I don’t know much about the DNA portion of genealogy. BUT, believe it or not, I was able to follow the speaker and I understood how she reached her goals. It actually made sense to me!!! I think she is a great speaker and a fantastic teacher!! I really enjoyed this webinar!! Thanks!!

    I enjoy learning about DNA. I wish everyone would jump into the gene pool. What fun we would have.

    I enjoyed the analysis. Hopefully, I’ll be able to incorporate the methods when the need arises.

    I have a general interest in this topic

    I just wish I had as many aunts and uncles around to give DNA tests to and cousins with an interest. Besides my sister and her daughter, my closest match is 3rd to distant cousins and they don’t usually have a tree.

    I learned a lot today. A few things were a little confusing to me but believe that is because of my lack of knowledge in a few areas. She was very thorough.

    I like this webinar because it simplified the process of certification- not so daunting now. And open question forum was fun!

    I liked her analysis and step by step work.

    I loved the organizational approach to doing this for a KDP or pedigree project. It was so clearly laid out that it made complete sense. Thank you Angela!

    I loved the strong example of DNA in this KDP.

    I need to update my copy of Genealogy Standards!

    I was so excited that this showed Ancestry’s DNA since this is what my parents tested with. I have a great-great grandfather that we know almost nothing about and I was wondering how to start using DNA to learn about his family. This was an excellent demonstration of how I can go about this and use the Standards at the same time.

    I’m very critical and this was so well organized and the voice of the presenter and style kept me listening. I usually have to turn it off when a presenter can’t avoid verbal tics like ums, etc.

    Im very new at this so I found it too over my head.


    Informative, Easy to follow, Happy that I was instinctively already following most of the standards. I did pick up a few more ideas. 🙂


    Interesting DNA Case Study.

    Interesting presentation, useful for future reference.

    Interesting talk, and helpful in working through the standards in a practical way. I live in Australia, but intend to do the BCG certification.

    it was abit over my head but interesting to me

    It was helpful in showing the how of doing such a project.

    It was interesting. I have a lot to learn.

    it was particularly helpful in learning how to document the dna match data for BCG certifiation.

    It was very informative and provides encouragement to do my own dna pedigree chart

    It was wonderful! Sorry, I had to hop off early to take care of some things. I really appreciate the speaker’s time and efforts to make this webinar excellent 🙂

    I’ve been working on a family project using dna to support connections and this program helped me to confirm that I’m on the right track and provided additional help. I read books and articles. but these programs are really helpful. Thanks!

    L9ved the charts and use of 3 different websites.

    Learned lots, and hope to try it.

    Learned so much! I also am excited about all the ways I can use this knowledge.

    Made it look so easy but we all know it is not.

    Methodical, logical, and most importantly easy to follow.

    Nice presentation on her research. Not sure that it helped me along that much, but good info about the various charting techniques.

    Nicely put together and structured for this topic.

    outstandingly excellent! “power panel” was an unexpected benefit !!! this research, documentation, and citing is hauntingly familiar to A.P.A. style.

    Presented information in a clear and interesting manner. Presentation moved along at a good speed.

    Really informative…. thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks to all the presenters.

    She did a great job of explaining and demonstrating the process of using DNA to confirm a pedigree.

    She made it understandable and straightforward. Thanks for that! And I’m so very envious of all her cousins-I only have 3 second cousin and 4 third cousin matches on Ancestry!

    So great to have questions answered by Angela McGhie, Karen Stanbury and LaBrenda Garrett-Nelson!

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    So Informative! Thanks for the excellent handout.

    So much valuable information. I even learned more during the Q & A.

    Some of her charts were amazing.

    Subject matter was “over my head” at times. I am a beginner at this genealogy stuff and will never become Board Certified – just researching for myself.

    Thank you for such a good detailed discussion.

    Thank you so much for all of the information. Your application of it helped a lot because I’m an “application” learner. It was easy to understand! Thanks for all of your extensive work on this presentation. Blessings!

    Thanks for this Webinar, it has confirmed that my way of researching my DNA links is the way to go.

    Thanks! You made it seemed easier.

    The graphic displays were easy to understand very helpful.

    This is my first webinar and I enjoyed it, I will register for more.


    Timely information

    Very clear and concise. I appreciate the content.

    Very clear presentation of using DNA to verify pedigree.

    Very clear presentation.

    very clear. good speed of presentation of each step in the whole process. Thank you!!

    very clearly presented -thanks

    Very good

    Very good information.

    Very helpful to see I am on the right track with my own similar project

    Very helpful way of analyzing our matches and how they fit in our tree.

    very helpful, I liked seeing the breadth of the DNA matches and how they were included overall

    very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and helpful.

    Very informative, easy to follow.

    Very informative, useful tips and clear presentation of the process. Excellent expertise from all of the participants.

    very interesting topic

    Very interesting webinar, Thanks!

    very interesting!

    Very interesting, just beyond my current research. My first webinar and very easy to navigate.

    very logical and well planned

    Very methodical and easy to follow.

    Very well done!

    Very well organized and clearly presented.

    Well done. Gave me a couple of things to try to solve a problem with my 2nd great grandfather, his parents and his wife are not proved but with thru lines in ancestry no DNA matches are shown through his parents whereas 50 DNA matches are shown through his wife.

    Well organized presentation and information. Thanks!

    Wonderful case study for applying DNA evidence.

    Wonderful information! The examples for using both DNA and documentary evidence were very helpful with illuminating how I could apply this to my own research.

    Wonderful methodology!

    Wonderful webinar! Made adding DNA to a research project or KDP so much more understandable. Thank you!


    Wow! This webinar was excellent! The presenter, panelists, and host were wonderful. Lots of shared knowledge. Thanks so much!


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