Using Chromosome Browsers, Segment Data and Triangulation

Michelle Leonard
Sep 2, 2020
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Chromosome Mapping
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About this webinar

This presentation will delve into the world of DNA segment data and explain not only what it is but how to make best use of it to aid your family history research. Michelle will demonstrate how to use chromosome browsers and provide a guide to the different tools available at the major testing companies. Through the use of practical examples she will illustrate intermediate and advanced autosomal DNA techniques such as triangulation, chromosome mapping, inferred matching and visual phasing. If you've got to grips with the beginner DNA topics then it's well worth spending some time learning about segment data and how to get the most out of it!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Michelle Leonard is a Scottish professional genealogist, DNA detective, freelance researcher, speaker, author and historian. She runs her own genealogy and DNA consultancy business, Genes & Genealogy, and specialises in DNA Detective work part
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  1. AN
    Alva Noonan
    1 year ago

    So glad I saw this webinar. Full of info that really explained how to get the most out of of tools that I thought I knew how to use. Can’t wait to put them to full use.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Very clearly presented. Difficult material taught step by step. I actually think I might remember some of it!

    Very detailed. Good information.

    Very detailed.. Will likely want to re-watch when it is posted.. Thank you very much..

    very good!

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    Very informative webinar!

    Very informative.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. Covered many topics quickly, may need to watch again. Very knowledgeable speaker.

    Very intense, lots of ideas to take it to the next level

    Very interesting – went from Intermediate where I knew mostly everything, to Advanced, which was a lot to take in. Good to know how many tools are available- thank you. Michelle is an excellent presenter;

    very interesting and informative!

    Very interesting and informative. I’ll have to use it to better understand it. Thanks.

    Very interesting but would have liked about half the amount of new info. as once it got past Genome MP I got out of my depth.

    Very interesting for those people who are doing this work. I thought she covered too much information too quickly. Other than that, she really knows her stuff.

    Very knowledgeable – hope I can retain a bit. thank you

    Very knowledgeable & knows how to explain material to get her message across.

    Very knowledgeable speaker!

    Very organized. Well done to fit all that information into the time!

    Very thorough

    Very thorough, covered a lot of material including advanced concepts. Did not waste time with basics.

    way over my head….but i did learn a lot!

    Way too fast. Michelle should have a two hour slot!

    Well done in a short amount of time.

    Well presented!

    What a knowledgeable AND personable presenter! This will definitely take me awhile to absorb, but I know the information is going to be incredibly useful. Thank you!

    Will be very helpful ! Great webinar.

    Wonderful !!! Too much for me but I was late getting on and that is always hard to catch up ! I will watch again!

    Wonderful far beyond my expectations — what can be done with GEDmatch is particularly awesome … and then taking the Ancestry kits uploaded into GEDmatch into Genome Mate Pro … knock your socks off power for deep analysis … wow

    Wonderful webinar. Will watch again to study details I didn’t have time to absorb. Excited to learn about Inferred Matching. Would LOVE a whole webinar on that topic.

    Wonderfully informative.

    Wow! so much information. Will have to rewatch this presentation

    Wow, lots of information presented! Really appreciate the overview of the various mapping and comparison sites & tools available!

    Wow, she covers a lot in a very short time.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Will need to watch this again

    Provided a strategy for deciphering the information and help narrow it down to individual family lines. Now we have a method.

    rather complicated but really good information

    Really good but went too quickly

    She does great DNA webinars I always learn a lot

    She gets better with each webinar!

    She had a very interesting talk, and made some things a lot clearer. I have not tried to do any of this yet.

    She is a great lecturer – information packed

    She is always an excellent presenter. I learned many things today.

    She packs so much great and useful information into her presentations!

    So glad I’ll be able to see and hear it again because there was a ton of good information.

    So much good information. Now I just need to be able to assimilate it, but the handout will be very helpful. Thanks!

    So much great information! I’ll be watching this over and over!

    So much info i need to look into

    SO Much information for my little brain to absorb! But very informative.

    So much information may have been better to split into 2 webinars.

    so much information provided – will take a while to absorb it all – EXCELLENT

    So much wonderful, useful information, presented in a very clear and understandable way. Thank you!

    so much, so fast. may have to rewatch.

    Some a little over my head.

    Spectacular!!! I will watch all of Michele’s archived webinars.

    Still above my head but Ithink the more I listen the more of it sinks in.

    Such a fabulous presenter! Always so informative.

    Thanks for all the great info.

    The first part was very clear to me but after an hour she lost me: too much information in too fast a pace.

    The presenter spoke very fast.

    There was a lot of excellent information! Thanks for all of the links in the comments.

    There was a lot of good information.

    This is my first Legacy seminar and Michelle was great!!

    this is the second of Michelles webinars that I have watched and enjoyed….she is very easy to listen to and understand and precise in her statements…thanks

    This seminar was a bit too advanced for me, but I like to keep pushing myself to learn more. However, I was pleased to find that the seminar confirmed that I do have a clear understanding of DNA triangulation.

    This was an informative webinar with lots of good information.

    This was even better than the last one given by Michelle Leonard. Perfect technically, exceptionally well presented

    Thoroughly enjoyed this webinar today. I found that it definitely helped to be familiar with the various DNA companies and what tools to use on their web sites. I found Michelle Leonard’s explanations to be very easy to follow and learned a lot. I will be doing more of these webinars over the coming months.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Looking forward to webinars that goes in-depth for each of the tools mentioned today. Hint, hint…. 🙂

    Lots of good information

    Lots of good information — I think I need to watch it again tho to process more of it! Thank you!

    Lots of good information, I’ll be re-watching at least one more time??

    Lots of great information but way too much for me to take in in a single pass (or maybe even two or three!)

    Lots of great information to soak in

    Lots of great information. Going to have fun playing with the tools. Thanks.

    Lot’s of great information… well organized! Opens up a whole new world for me! I didn’t know much about 3rd party tools!

    Lots of great information; but too much in too little time.

    Lots of great material, but she talks too fast to digest it!

    LOTs of information but somehow she makes it all make sense. Will listen again as its hard to absorb so much in an hour. I always learn so much from her presentations.

    Lots of information! Great visuals along with explanations!

    Lots of information! It was nice to see the available tech tools in one place. Thanks!

    Lots of information. I just need to be more familiar with DNA segments and do testing from a site other than Ancestry for this to be useful to

    Lots of really good material covered, but some of it was skimmed over too quickly.

    Lots to follow-up on! This is the kind of information I find difficult to locate elsewhere, and I appreciate the timeliness of the information presented (clarifications of current restrictions / limitations).

    Love the fast pace. A lot over my head but I’m past the beginner stage where DNA is explained in detail. This is one I will listen to again once I’ve wrapped my brainaround what I did absorb.

    LOVED it! I’ve played with DNA Painter, but now I’m curious about Genome Mate Pro, and will have to watch Michelle’s webinar on that.

    Loved it… I have worked with DNA for a while, but heard some new info today. thanks!

    Loved what I saw; can’t wait to go back and watch the end.

    Loved, lots of info but very worthwhile.

    Made me realize how much more I need to learn about managing DNA matches

    Michele Leonard has out DONE herself Again!! Just Amazing, + a fantastic syllabus!

    Michelle explains difficult concepts well. I’m glad I’m a member so I can watch this over again!

    Michelle gives great information without a lot of extra words in there. Learned LOTS, and very grateful and appreciative for this opportunity. Thank you so much 🙂

    Michelle is a font of wisdom. Have her return soon.

    Michelle is amazing. She is the best speaker that I have heard on these webinars.

    Michelle is an excellent presenter and the material she provided was excellent.

    Michelle is an excellent presenter of very difficult concepts. Bring her back!

    Michelle is an excellent presenter, and I always get so much from her webinars. I’ve been working with DNA evidence for many years and gained many new insights from this presentation.

    Michelle is an excellenter presenter.

    Michelle is obviously an expert in this field. Excellent presentation just a bit too long for my schedule today! I’ll have to get the ending on the recording at a later date.

    Michelle is so knowledgable about DNA. I appreciate her efforts to teach and share helpful information.

    Michelle is so knowledgeable about DNA. I like that she does a great job of targeting her audience, i.e. intermediate class – no basic content!

    Michelle Leonard does a great job explaining a difficult subject–DNA.

    Michelle was fantastic but this is one session that missing the handout is a real disadvantage

    Michelle, I always learn something new from each of your webinars. Thanks!

    Michelle’s webinar’s are always so insightful.

    ML did not leave anything out! I use all these tools but the last high end one at the last of the talk, and i learned lots, i did not know about certain short cuts to save time and effort, thanks so much these talks get better and better, i am going to go look at the GMP talks sometime, many thanks that was a lot of work must have been over 150 slides, so much to do and so little time and ML took a lot of her time to make this for all of us, deeply grateful to her and others that do the same.

    One tool I have found to be very helpful is DNAGedcom’s Autosomal DNA Segment Analyzer. I was surprised this tool wasn’t mentioned. For a small fee and it is very easy to use and understand, most of the work is done for you. You can upload the DNA Data from MyHeritage, FTDNA, 23andme, and Gedmatch. I have used it and solved three brick walls with it. I am getting ready to run it for 2020 to begin work on the fourth brickwall. DNAGedcom is primarily for adoptees but not limited to them.


    Outstanding presentation based on her experience and super knowledge…added dimension is her great voice…clear diction with a lovely accent!


  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago



    Fabulous! I learned much and was introduced to a lot of information that I didn’t grasp, but helps me get started on the subject. Audio was great today! This lady knows her stuff and we appreciate her level of explanations!

    Fantastic amount of info shared. My head is swimming, but I’m a member so the handout will help me absorb it. Thanks!

    Fantastic information.

    Geret speaker and a very interesting topic. I am still trying to figure out how this works.

    Gobs of great information

    Good information, new tips, clearly presented.

    Good overview but a little too fast even for those of us who know a bit about most of these features. But jam packed with info so worth listening to again.

    Good, but too complicated for me. I just don’t understand the basic DNA information.

    Great explanation of these complicated topics.

    Great information and resources. Thank you!

    Great information but too much information in one session.

    Great information! Michelle’s presentations always make me want to learn more!

    Great information, although I have a lot of catching up to do – will be watching more webinars!

    Great information, just a lot to digest in one hour.

    Great information, skillful presentation.

    Great intermediate-level presentation on DNA concepts and tools!

    Great Knowledge

    Great presentation and handout! Will definitely need to watch it again….and again! Thank you Michelle & Marian. : )

    Great presentation. Covered a lot in just over an hour

    Great presenter – makes it sound and look so easy! BUT, I will have to see again as she covers a lot of territory!

    great seminar. really peaked my interest!

    great stuff – makes it every easy to understand

    Great webinar as always Michelle is a skilled presenter.

    Great webinar to explain the chromosome segments and mapping techniques. I’ll definitely look into using one of the software packages that she mentioned.

    Great webinar! Great Information!!!

    Great webinar!!!

    Great webinar, as always!

    heel interessant, een heleboel informatie gekregen

    Helped to solidify some things I knew and taught me a few new tricks!

    hopefully I can find the slides some where… Great info!

    I am just at the point in my research where I need to start using DNA Painter and this was really helpful in understanding what to do/expect. I also really appreciate that I can re-watch as I will probably do that to better understand some of the more complex concepts. Thanks so much!!!

    I have laughed when people say a webinar is a firehose but now I know what they mean! I have only Ancestry & MyHer ( & a little GEDmatch) so it was very good to see all the services compared visually one after another.

    I Have only tested with Ancestry so this webinar wasn’t helpful to me.

    I have worked too little with the topics, which made it a bit difficult. Very interesting and motivating teacher.

    I haven’t gotten into this yet so it was a lot of info.

    I learned a lot about chromosomes, segments and how to work with them. Well organized and a good presenter.

    I love Michelle Leonard’s webinars. She’s well-spoken and knowledgeable and fully explains. Lovely accent too!

    I need to go back and view her introductory webinar first. I didn’t know this was an intermediate level class until it started. I will definitely come back to this after I get more basic information.

    I picked up a couple of tips about websites I already use (e.g. 23andMe, FTDNA) that I hadn’t known before. I’ve tried some inferred mapping before, but Michelle’s presentation of the approach made the technique manageable.

    I really appreciate Michelle’s webinars — they’re clear and concise and always full of new information.

    I thought it was quite informative.

    I understood until the end and then it was too advanced for me at this time.

    I want to master this but it is just a little over my head right now.

    I’m glad I’m a member so I can watch it again! Very informative

    I’m hoping to get going on my trees & thus be able to use all this & other webinars soon.

    Incredible information

    Incredible Wealth of info

    It was a good overview. Now I have to go back and look at a couple of the more detailed webinars.

    It was great – she moved from simple to complex, & also presented many companies/options. The 23 & Me portion was extremely helpful. I feel more confident about using their chromosome browser. Thanks so much!

    It was helpful

    It was indeed at least intermediate level. Content was excellent, probably a 5.

    It was outstanding.

    It was probably wonderful — but way over my head! I like the presenter very much.

    It was super! Great explanations. Look forward to more.

  6. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I appreciate the quality of both the content and delivery…thank you to Michelle!!

    A brilliant webinar, Ms Leonard is a very good and knowledgable speaker. It’s great to have the seminar in the Legacy Library.

    A good presenter.

    A little advanced for me, but I got the general idea. She was very thorough

    A little overwhelming but great. I’m glad I can go back and listen again.

    a little to fast toward the end!

    A little too advanced for me but at least I have some idea about everything.

    A little too much information for one webinar! But excellent presentation.

    A lot of great information, I now want to try everything!

    A lot of info presented

    A lot of information to be absorbed.

    A lot of information… too much to absorb in one sitting.

    A tough, dense topic handled extremely well. Plenty of information to digest but agree with Michelle that doing it is the key.

    Absolutely OUTSTANDING amount of information – good thing we have a membership;-)))) – Will be referring to this many times

    After this exciting and inspiring webinar, I’ve decided to devote one day per week as a DNA day so that I can delve into chromosome study with abandon!

    Almost too much info but Excellent

    Almost too much information! Good closing thought about acknowledging that segment data is just one part of DNA analysis.

    Almost too much information! I’ll have to watch this one again!

    Althought the pace was rather fast and a great amount of material was covered I certainly learned a great deal. Thank you and I look forward to more DNA programs as they are very helpful.

    Another awesome webinar with Michelle. So much information to take in -I think it is going to be very useful to me. Thanks!

    Awesome handout and presentation. Will need to re-watch mutliple times so fast can’t keep up on note taking even with pior DNA experience.

    AWESOME webinar! So much valuable DNA information. I will be rewatching and attempting to work along with Michelle to use these great tools to solve some of my DNA mysteries! THANKS!

    Brilliant discussion of all of the tools.

    Brilliant webinar, must watch again to extract the understand the fantastic learning offered through the webinar.


    complex !!!




    Excellent — lots of material but always good to have the big picture of possibilities and then take it step by step!!

    Excellent and really helpful

    Excellent and very clearly presented.

    Excellent but a bit over my head. I have homework to do!

    Excellent but hard to take it all in.

    Excellent content and presentation.

    Excellent information and great presentation and presenter! Thank you!

    Excellent information but a lot absorb!

    Excellent information! Great resources. She did go through the information a little too quickly.

    Excellent information, but very fast paced and hard to follow at times.

    Excellent presentation of materials and examples. Clearly well-planned in advance and the Presenter was comfortable and knowledgeable. Will recommend this session to friends and suggest they become site members!

    Excellent presentation that explained a lot of the questions I had.

    Excellent presentation! Michelle does an excellent job of making this muddy concept much more clearer!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent speaker with vast knowledge of the topic.

    Excellent talk. Unfortunately only a few members of my family have tested their DNA.

    Excellent webinar! Just what I needed. Thank you Michelle and Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    excellent webinar, Michelle was great

    Excellent webinar. I learned a lot to help me go back and renew my DNA analysis with DNA Painter. There were several other items which I was not aware of which now required those to be evaluated to enhance my research.

    Excellent webinar. I must learn more about DNA before I can fully understand it.

    Excellent webinar. I’ll have to watch it again to get more out of it!


    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent! Michelle is a terrific speaker and always provides a wonderful learning experience. Thanks!

    Excellent! Much more info than I could take in, but Michelle’s enthusiasm is contagious.

    Excellent! Very fast-paced but great material.


    Excellent, but too much to take in all at once! We could use detailed presentations and visual how-to’s on each one of the sites she discusses.

    Excellent, I learned so much and great that I can look at it for another seven days as it was very early in the morning in Australia, and we were listening to it with a very short nights sleep!

    Excellent, info filled, useful, very clear and logical

    Excellent, superb, so much information presented nicely and concisely. Thank you!

    Excellent. Covered tools I was interested in.

    Excellent. Michelle is fantastic at explaining this topic!

    Excellent. Thank you. I am going to have to watch it again a couple of times, loads of great information.

    Exellent but a lot to absorb, when English is not your first langauge.


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