The Power of Siblings – the DNA Tests of Five Brothers

Donna Rutherford

This presentation takes the viewer through the results of 5 full brothers who have done a DNA test. It covers the comparison of their ethnicity estimates through to the various differences in their DNA matches including the variance in the sharing amounts. It helps people understand why testing siblings can really enhance their genetic genealogy, even more so if they can not test a parent or parents. The talk will also include a look at some advanced sibling topics, such as utilising X DNA results to establish if two females have the same father, through to advanced tools like visual phasing and creating lazarus kits.

Wed, August 7 2024: 18:00 UTC

About the speaker

About the speaker

I’m a New Zealander with English, Scottish and Irish ancestry. Many of my family were New Zealand pioneers. At the beginning of 2015 I decided to take an Ancestry DNA test. Once I got the results I spent all my spare time immersing myself in
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