The perfect back up plan for you: Backblaze

Andy Klein
Feb 16, 2022
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Speaker's Introduction
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Backblaze personal backup
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In operation
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Account settings
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B2 and Mobile
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Your Data
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Whether you use Backblaze today, are just thinking about it, or use something else to back up your PC or Mac, join us for a deep dive into Backblaze Computer Backup. You probably that know Backblaze is the easiest way to back up your computer, but do you know about the locate-my-computer feature, or that you can schedule your backups, or you can set your very own private encryption key? How about getting your data back, delivered to you by FedEx on a hard drive, for free. We’ll cover all that and more. We’ll even spend a few minutes on where and how your data is stored with Backblaze and how we keep it safe until you need it back. Join us.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mr. Klein has over 25 years of experience in cloud backup, cloud storage, and computer security. Prior to Backblaze he worked at Symantec, Checkpoint, PGP, and PeopleSoft, as well as startups throughout Silicon Valley. During his career, he has sh
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  1. MA
    Marie A Birkbeck
    2 years ago

    very interesting, very informative! I have always wondered about BackBlaze – will be subscribing this week.

  2. TS
    Traci S. Kape Thysell-McPherson
    2 years ago

    Wonderful Webinar Andy, thank you! Your presentation took a techie subject, made it understandable & relatable whether you have a limited understanding (myself included), or a higher-level understanding. As one who has lost everything, more than once I know how important having back-up is, I had not heard of the Backblaze product previously. I will run this by my techie brother-in-law, however, all of the favorable testimonies of both our host & members who have used Backblaze were quite convincing.

  3. CM
    Cheryl Mapes
    2 years ago

    WOW!! What an awesome and educational webinar. I currently use an external hard drive to back up my computer but backblaze is a much better and safer way to backup all of my 40+ years of geanealogy information. I will be looking into purchasing this program.

  4. GL
    Graham Lowe
    2 years ago

    This presentation was very informative. I’m seriously considering switching to Backblaze when my subscription to another backup service expires next month.

  5. CH
    Christpoher Hadley
    2 years ago

    interesting to make it set up and forget. Probably the best way to do it as many people do forget to do their backups….

  6. KG
    Kathie Grover-Miller
    2 years ago

    Very informative. Andy (and Geoff!) makes a great case for using a cloud backup program. I’m thinking seriously about signing up for Backblaze.

  7. MT
    Mary Torres
    2 years ago

    Great Presentation! Very good information.

  8. CW
    Cynthia Ward
    2 years ago

    Sounds great. I will have to watch it again to get all of the info to download it. I have Drop Box , but I do not use it much.


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