The Paternal Ten: Searching for Missing Heirs

Claire Ammon, CG
May 18, 2021
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About BCG
4m 52s
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Speaker's Introduction
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Case Study
22m 30s
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The Billable Beast
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The Records
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Report Writing
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

After 12 years in the missing heir field, Claire’s seen it all, experiencing both the high highs and the very low lows. This webinar will introduce you to the roller-coaster world of missing heir research; detailing a contentious case, the problems with making assumptions and how to get to the truth.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Claire’s introduction to genealogy began when she started working for a missing heir company in 2008. This job took her all around Connecticut, to probate courts, town clerks offices and libraries. She became good at teasing out information
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Very well presented, true life experience’s discovered following APG guidelines.

    A different presentation and very interesting. Thank you!

    A very interesting subject. I never heard of missing heir companies. The information was well presented and the graphics were great.

    A very interesting topic, well presented.

    Absolutely one of the b e s t. Glad I can listen again and again.

    Amazing presentation! Please, more from Claire! I’d love to hear about her other work & cases.

    an interesting topic I had never heard of. Learned so much.

    An unusual genealogy webinar. I appreciate the new information.

    bring her back she was great

    Claire, this was a completely new topic for me. Thank you for showing us how to apply the GPS to that particular stream of genealogical research.

    Claire’s presentation was thorough and presented real-world examples. She was an excellent speaker and story teller.

    clear and concise! Great Webinar

    Delightful to listen to, handout and visuals are excellent, art work certainly kept you interested. A+++++

    Drawings were wonderful!!!

    Enjoyed hearing about a field that I have much interest in.




    Excellent and fascinating presentation!

    Excellent and very informative. Your handout is also a great referral. Thank you.

    Excellent format of material and why each piece is necessary. Wonderful presentation and presenter!

    Excellent presentation and documentation!

    Excellent presentation by a superb speaker.

    Excellent presentation!

    Excellent presentation, as usual. Very interesting, as usual. THANK YOU!

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. How interesting, didn’t realize this type of job exists. Thanks

    Excellent presentation. Fascinating subject!

    Excellent topic and speaker. Would love to hear more about this topic.

    Exceptional. Inciteful look into parallel world of inheritance tracing. The report writing and balance of research vs time and cost was a practical use of GPS. Thanks

    Extraordinary Thanks

    Extremely interesting and informative.

    Fabulous. Well done!!


    Fascinating investigation and presentation. Thank you!

    Fascinating presentation! Thank you! Loved your drawings, by the way.

    Fascinating profession. Great description and well deliverd!

    Fascinating topic and a great speaker. Thank you!

    Fascinating topic and presentation was fabulous!!!

    Fascinating topic. Am interested in checking this out further. Loved her artwork!


    Fascinating. Presenter was so well organized.

    Good information about a little-known field of work. I did a bit of repatriation searches for living family and found that making contact for interviews problematic. Especially when removed by several generations. Some couldn’t care. Some thought my call was a scam. I don’t do that work any more. Perhaps with better training on the personal contact part….

    Good to see what I’ve done right – and get ideas on how to do better in the future! I appreciate her not speaking too rapidly, but pausing to let things soak in a bit.

    Great entertainment for nerds

    Great information, thank you.

    Great information.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Great presentation and slides.

    Great presentation!

    Great presentation. Easy to listen to. Very informative.

    great presenter. eye-opening intro to heir searching

    Great slides!

    Great! Sorry to have to leave early – will watch the recorded webinar.

    I had never heard of this specialty so very interesting. I loved the drawings too.

    I love learning about the various kinds of work and specific cases in forensic genealogy. It would be great to have more webinars that explore this career option.

    I really enjoyed the drawings–something different from the usual, and highly informative. It was a great webinar about a topic I had been curious about, that is hard to find information about.

    I thoroughly enjoyed Claire’s webinar this evening! Her drawings/illustrations made her presentation even more interesting and entertaining.

    I thought my estate would be easy but my recent discovery of 10 half siblings will surely complicate matters.

    Informative, entertaining, well explained, loved the pictures, AND the non-identifying surnames. :-))


    Interesting as well as informative! Great webinar.

    interesting but not ready for this aspect

    Interesting topic and great speaker

    Interesting. Thanks!

    interesting. well presented

    It sounds like typical genealogy research that one does for their family tree. I too have never heard of Claire’s line of work. Very informative.

    It was informative, interesting and clearly presented. Well done!

    It was interesting.

    It was not what I was expecting. I didn’t expect to hear about a whole new industry and how it works. It was very interesting

    It was very interesting that she is able to find so much about living heirs without DNA. Thank you

    Liked the visuals

    love it, easy to follow along

    Loved Claire Ammons her drawings were delightful, her presentation wonderful.

    Loved Claire’s presentation.

    LOVED IT!! Very comprehensive explanation of cases, situations, what to research, how to write reports and even the little idiosyncrasies about the job of being an Heir/Forensics Genalogist!! Clair did a superb job!!

    Loved the artwork and the thorough coverage of the subject.

    Most interesting. Lots of food for thought

    Never knew genealogists were involved in something like this.

    Nice drawings to illustrate.

    One of the best, excellent information and presentation.

    only thing missing was a corresponding list of items to match her “”taming the beast”” list

    Really found it interesting, have learned a thing or two that i will hopefully use and think about when doing my research. Defently food for thought here. THANK YOU.

    Really interesting. Thanks

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    She covered so many aspects and ways of researching a family very clearly. Thank you.

    thank you for the interesting topic

    Thanks. A less known subject. Very clearly presented.

    The examples and walking through the process created an excellent presentation that was easy to follow and understand. I am familiar with BCG GPS

    The illustrations were a nice touch. The was a lot of information given a very simple way to understand it. It was great. It was one of the best webinars I have been to.

    The presentation was clear and easy to follow. This is a whole field I was unaware of, but that emphasizes good genealogical methods that we can all apply in our work.

    The step by step information made it very easy to follow.

    This was a great topic, thank you!

    This webinar was really interesting. I learned so much, and the syllabus looks like it will be very helpful. Thank you!

    Thorough, comprehensive, and practical. Thank you.

    Very fine presenter and presentation. thank you.

    Very fun and informative; an application of genealogy I had not known about

    Very good and informative

    Very good program. Thank you

    very good to see a practical application to all the genealogy that we love to do. Even if we don’t ever get into heir-searches, she gave us some good tips on making sure we document and can support any assertions we make about members (or descendants) of a family.

    Very informative, I can look at data gathering from a different perspective. Presenter was great and presented material in a very concise manner showing is very knowledgeable of the topic at hand.

    Very informative.

    Very Interesting

    Very interesting and informative!

    Very interesting and well presented.

    Very interesting cases again reinforcing the importance of thorough research and documentation of source citation.

    Very interesting examples!

    Very interesting subject matter, something I knew nothing about!

    Very interesting talk!

    Very interesting topic

    Very interesting topic! I really enjoyed this presentation. More info on how to pursue this area of genealogy would be great!

    Very interesting topic. I never heard of this type of service before!

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting! I loved the way the methodology was presented, as well as the report writing and affidavit sections.

    Very interesting. Great drawings!

    Very well done. Very professional. Very concise. Great illustrations. Time well spent. Learned a great deal.

    Was helpful for future reports I need to write for lawyers.

    Well organized, good pace of speaker’s presentation, great detail. Thank you!

    Well presented, information was presented in a manner that made the subject understandable.

    Wide sweep of topic but exciting detail

    wonderful talk, cute drawings!




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