The Mexican National Archive (AGN): A Resource for Genealogists

Nefi Arenas Salazar, AG®
May 17, 2024
Free through May 24, 2024
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1m 59s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 23s
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8m 57s
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Getting There
7m 22s
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How To Use the Archive
3m 16s
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Guia General
8m 28s
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In-person Research
8m 19s
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Documents at the AGN
14m 19s
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9m 52s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 32s
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Questions / answers
14m 47s

About this webinar

Housed in an old prison, the Archivo General de la Nación (or AGN, General Archive of the Nation), is home for the historical memory of Mexico. Its origins date back to the late eighteenth century when a royal decree ordered the creation of an archive to preserve documentation from the Viceroyalty. Today, the documents at AGN are a genealogical treasure waiting to be discovered by a wider audience of researchers. In this presentation you will learn about how to navigate the archive, and some of the information you could find there.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Nefi Arenas graduated from Brigham Young University – Idaho where he studied business management and also took many genealogy classes. He inherited a passion for genealogy from his grandmother, who for many years served as volunteer in a Fam
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  1. CG
    Colleen Greene
    1 week ago

    This was an excellent webinar, Nefi. You included great helpful information about preparing for a visit there, how to search the site, and collection highlights.

  2. DR
    Denee Rodriguez
    1 week ago

    We need more from Nefi. His lecture was thorough and the syllabus is invaluable. It is often times difficult to find content on Mexico. I appreciate the series. Thank You!

  3. EC
    Esther Camacho
    1 week ago

    This webinar informed listeners of the AGN (National Archives in Mexico City). It is an overview of how to locate the archives and what to expect in an in-person visit. Nefi Arenas Salazar explained how to be prepared for a successful research.

  4. JL
    Joni Leffler
    1 week ago

    Nefi’s first official Legacy Family Tree webinar & he knocked it out of the park!!! So exciting to get a first-hand view of the Archivo General de la Nación & learn about its amazing collections! Also found it very helpful that Nefi showed researchers some of what can be found at Family Search & Ancestry too! A superb webinar! ¡Bravo, Nefi!

  5. BE
    Beverly E. Field
    1 week ago

    I lived in Guadalajara, helped organize a bilingual symposium there in the 1990s so know the work and knowledge Nefi shared to be excellent.

  6. JJ
    Josephine Johnson
    1 week ago

    So many valuable resources shared and good explanations of each resource.

  7. EF
    Ellen Fernandez-Sacco
    1 week ago

    Appreciate the history of the archive site and its visual images. It’s a huge archive and he did a great job giving an overview!

  8. MH
    Marcie Hanson
    1 week ago

    Great information and links. Thank you!


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