The Home Archivist: Preserving Family Records Like a Pro!

Melissa Barker
Sep 27, 2019
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1m 35s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 34s
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7m 03s
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Working Space
4m 36s
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Original Order
6m 31s
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Organizational Methods
9m 14s
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Tool Kit
10m 48s
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Unfolding & Flattening
2m 35s
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Cleaning Records
5m 54s
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Removing Hazards
10m 55s
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What Is Safe?
4m 32s
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Records Storage
5m 44s
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Consulting with Conservator
5m 49s
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Announcements / prizes
3m 06s
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Questions / answers
9m 14s

About this webinar

Learn from a professional archivist how to preserve, protect and archive family records, photographs and artifacts. Best practices for organization, purchasing archival materials and practical records preservation that any home archivist can achieve! Learn how to process your collection of genealogical records from start to finish. Learn the steps archivists use to process small and large records collections at the archives and how you can use these steps to get a handle on your family records collections!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Melissa Barker is a Certified Archives Manager and Public Historian currently working at the Houston County, Tennessee Archives. She is affectionally known as The Archive Lady to the genealogy community. She lectures, teaches, and writes
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A lot of very interesting and useful ways to protect our records. Thank you, Melissa

    A lot of great information on archiving at home. Going to put together an Archive Tool Box in the very near future.

    A lot of great information, thanks, Melissa.

    Although having worked as a librarian, I still always learn something new from Melissa, and indeed, did so again today!

    Always enjoy her presentations!

    Awesome information. Excellent webinar!

    Brilliant webinar with lots of very valuable information to help preserve our genealogy records.

    Chock full of information. One of the best webinars I’ve seen. Thanks!

    enjoyed it!

    Excellent content and presentation delivery!!!

    Excellent information and presentation.

    Excellent information. I enjoyed this very much

    Excellent methods for preservation from a true expert. Thank you!

    Excellent presentation. Thank you for offering it.

    Excellent reminders of what to do with our records and documents.

    Excellent topic and discussion

    Excellent webinar! She also spoke clearly and distinctly which also adds to the excellence!! Learned a lot!!

    Excellent, clear practical advice.

    Excellent, excellent webinar! Great presenter with lots of practical advice. I am going to start assembling my tool kit NOW!

    excellent, nice and easy to follow

    Excellent, thanks


    Excellent. Very helpful. Full of ideas I have not heard before. One of best Webinars

    excellent. one of the best ever on this topic.

    Extremely Awesome! (5 Plus)

    Fantastic webinar. I learned so much!

    Fantastic webinar. Learnt so many new things. Great advice. Best webinar that I have attended.


    Fascinating, and handout is a winner!!

    Good advice. Easy ideas to follow. Very knowledgeable speaker.

    Good presenter – clear, well-organized. Thanks!

    great info for us!

    Great info, I’ve never thought of myself as an archivist, but danged if I’m not!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    great information, very well-presented

    Great information. Well organized clear presentation.

    Great presentation!

    Great recommendations.

    Great session with so much content!

    Great topic & excellent coverage – thank you

    Great webinar!!! Excellent content, excellent speaker (presented at an excellent pace); all around one of the best and most useful webinars this year!

    I enjoyed this webinar very much – lots of tips.

    I just visited an Archive in a small town in Normandy, France (Louviers, 27400), last week-end during the European Heritage days, annual event in Europe, The Conservators gave me a lot of information. Melissa’s teachings complete my knowledge about how to unfold gently, clean and store my own documents. Thanks to you, Melissa, for the wonderful advices which will be very useful to me, as a beginner genealogist!

    I learned a lot from an expert!

    I love listening to Melissa! Her handouts are so detailed and organized and she is easy to listen to. She is so enthusiastic about her subject.

    I work in an archives and it was great to hear about best practices for the home. Melissa’s advice is so practical!

    It was very informative. Thanks!

    Knowledgable, great stuff especially the last little bit on mold

    Lots of great hints!!

    Lots of very useful and simple archival information that can be put to use by genealogists

    Loved her clear, concise, and “do-able” methods for preserving records at home.

    Many, many excellent topics

    Melissa Barker gave us so many useful and practical tips for organizing our home archives. Fantastic! Many thanks!

    Melissa Barker was a great speaker and the webinar was full of well-presented info. The syllabus was put together well with the toolbox supplies towards the back. The webinar reaffirmed a bunch of what I’m doing right and reminded me more about things I need to incorporate. I will I had heard this in 1990.

    Melissa is always very good. Her explanations are clear and full of helpful and important information. Thank you.

    Melissa is one of the best webinar presenters! I love her! Thank you so very much!

    Melissa’s webinar handouts are excellent and she specks so easily that everyone should benefit from the sound advice and expertise.

    Melissa’s webinars are always excellent!

    Nice presentation with helpful information. Thanks so much!

    One of the best – Thanks Melissa

    One of the best webinars ever.

    One of the best webinars ever–lots of helpful tips and information. And the photos of the tools, with specific brand names helps a lot, too. It was great that the presenter explained why to do something or NOT do something.

    One of the best webinars!

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    One of the best. Lots of practical tips not often mentioned. Thanks!

    Really great tips about organizing and preserving documents.

    Really interesting. Provided so much good information and helpful tips.

    So many great tips! I made a list of things to purchase for my genealogy kit. I learned a lot today!

    So much really useful info – carefully explained, and a pleasant voice to listen to. Lots of things to get me going on what i have been putting off doinh – ie getting organised! Thank you Melissa and Legacy.

    So much to learn…excellent presentation

    Some things I knew, but a lot I didn’t. Also, although it wasn’t mentioned, I got a great idea on something to do with my storage. Thank you.

    Such good things to know as we go along in our researching, to preserve our hard work.

    Terrific! Useful!

    Thank you for all the great information!

    Thank you for answering my question about cleaning mold off photographs. I have ruined one of my great grandfather. Now I know how to try to clean other photos.

    Thank you so much!

    Thanks for info which I hope will help me with my “stuff”

    Thanks! I really needed that! Brilliant!

    the best!

    This was great information. Thanks

    This was wonderful! So many great ideas, and now that I know better, I can do better with all that I have! Thank you So very much!

    Very articulate presenter with easy-to-understand, helpful-to-me content!

    Very clear, precise, concise and practical information.

    Very helpful webinar on how to archive and preserve my family history documents. I learned a lot!! Great job, Melissa!

    Very helpful. Would like to have heard more about materials that are not classified as archival and do not harm records. I was surprised to hear that plastic paper clips are okay. I thought plastic was a problem; or maybe just certain types???

    Very informative and I plan to make an archivist’s toolbox. Great presentation!!

    Very informative, enjoyed it immensely

    Very thorough

    Very useful info.

    very useful information

    Webinar presented good tips for preserving documents. Thank you.

    well presented and organized

    Wonderful information

    Wonderful information, very well presented, VERY HELPFUL handout.

    Wonderful speaker and extremely helpful information.

    Wonderful webinar with very useful information!

    Wonderful webinar! I could have done with this information about 10 years ago, when I first got started! Thanks to Melissa for an excellent webinar loaded with such useful content, tips, and advice.

    Wonderful. Just the tip about musty smell removal was valuable. Sometimes, I have taken document/photos outside to air.

    Wow that was on of the best webinars I have attended… off to remove all rubber bands and paperclips 🙂


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