Slack for Genealogy Projects

Thomas MacEntee
Aug 26, 2020
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About this webinar

Whether you’re a professional genealogist trying to manage multiple clients and projects or just trying to juggle your own personal research, you may need to move beyond your current management tools. Slack is a FREE online collaboration hub (web-based and app) that is used by major corporations as well as non-profit organizations and individuals to manage and improve workflow. Genealogists of every level can easily leverage this user-friendly platform to increase productivity as well as improve efficiency. Participants will learn how to install Slack and also delegate admin and other roles. Once installed, we’ll review sample projects as well as sample communications in REAL TIME during the lecture. Finally, we’ll review available options for project management and data successorship.

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A new wave for me

    Always enjoy Thomas

    Always great!!!

    Always learn something from Thomas!

    Always open to learning about new programs/apps that can help with research.

    An excellent explanation of Slack, better than the Slack website. Very helpful, even though I do not expect to use Slack.

    another Excellent informative session

    Another excellent webinar by Thomas. And more software to investigate!

    Another informative webinar from Thomas MacEntee!

    Any webinar with Thomas is great. Not sure I’m interested in Slack but may look at it.

    As always, Thomas is on top of the newest ways to use technology. Thanks!

    As usual


    Brilliant webinar with some great time busting ideas using Slack for Genealogists. Must watch again to take it all in…

    Can not wait to install SLACK!

    Covered a lot of territory. I should watch again if I decide to use the program.

    Did not apply to my current situation. Good info for future possibilities.

    Excellent information I will use.

    Excellent teacher and information, but more complicated than what I need.

    Excellent webinar! I always learn so much with Thomas! An excellent tool to review for possible use with genealogy project management. Thanks to all!

    Exceptional! What’s new, Thomas always is.

    Fabulous. I really want to try this with my “Cousin Connections” I am making with my shared matches. Thanks, Thomas.

    Glad to learn about Slack.

    Good info but information overload

    Good info on a new application. Sounds interesting. Will be doing more research on its uses.


    Great content!

    great help

    Great new program for me to try out. Thanks for the intro!

    Great presentation

    great presentation

    Great topic!


    Happy to learn about tools which will make researching genealogy easier. Thanks!

    Helpful to one getting to know what Slack is

    I always enjoy Thomas and I can tease webinars. How do you like the way McEntee comes through on microphone? LOL

    I can see so many uses for the software beyond genealogy. I can see uses for genealogy too.

    It’s also an easily actionable webinar, because you can act on it with no cost, and figure out how you are going to use the software for you and/or a group. It doesn’t depend on geography or time period like some other webinars. Those webinars can sometimes be extrapolated or you can use principles which affects how actionable they are.

    I had heard of Slack prior to this, but being unemployed was not interested in investigating it. Well, this webinar has changed my mind! Great presentation, real website tutorials, and patience. I only wish I had a group to work in Slack with, for now it will just be me creating channels for myself until I find others who are researching my ancestors. Thank you so much!

    I had never heard of Slack but knew the webinar would be good with it being Thomas MacEntee. I am so glad that I listened to the webinar, and watched parts of it (at work so will have to watch it again!) But I think that this will be useful for me in my genealogy work I am doing and then also for my workplace too!

    I have said this before, but I would like to say it again that Thomas MacEntee is a wonderful teacher and he keeps up with “New” ways of doing things! Kudos!

    I love his sense of humor!

    I might actually get organized!

    I was not familiar with the app. So there was much to learn.

    interesting concepts that i may try

    Interesting option

    Interesting topic. A great new tool

    It looks like something I may want to try. I feel I better learn more of what I can do with GMail and GoogleDrive also. Thx

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    It was a good introduction to slack

    It was great! Lots of information I am going to have to watch it again.

    It was welldone, I guess but not helpful for me at all since I’m at a stand-still.

    It will take some time to set up something for me, but I can definitely see its value.

    It’s always a pleasure to have Thomas as a webinar presenter. He really knows his stuff.

    like the idea of grouping emails from 5 of us regarding two different projects.

    Looks interesting but I am not “here” yet.

    Lots of wonderful ideas for using Slack, but need to watch again because it all went too fast!

    lots to get head around

    Love Thomas!

    Missed first part but later was most interesting. Will go back and see whole when posted. Thanks Thomas!

    Need to try t it to understand it better

    Need to watch this again to absorb everything.

    Oh my, this was an amazing webinar! As usual, Thomas always comes through! Thank you.

    Once again,l learned something new!!

    Outstanding webinar

    Really enjoyed. Very informative.

    Slack here I come 🙂

    So knowledgeable but jumps a bit fast for this 80 year old

    thank you

    Thank you for all you do to introduce us to new programs and technology!

    Thank you!

    Thanks for the intro Thomas! I’ll have to give Slack a try!

    This software (Slack) is going to make my life a lot easier once I learn it. Thanks, Thomas, for introducing us to it and showing some of the bells and whistles. I will be rewatching this one, probably more than once.

    This was great info. Fast so we get an over view, but now I need to re watch and try it out. I hope tgat he does do a follow up webinar so that we can review and get more info about this new ADVENTURE. Thanks.

    This was new to me and he made it fun and informative…. his programs are always top-notch!!

    Thomas always does a top notch job!

    Thomas always does a wonderful presenation.

    Thomas always has great seminars. Always something to add to my toolbox!

    Thomas does not disappoint! I will watch all of his webinars. Thanks!

    Thomas hit it out of the park again! Slack looks like a challenge for me as I’m a slow learner with computer programs but it looks so interesting. Thanks to Legacy and Thomas Mac for a great webinar.

    Thomas is a great presenter – clear, easy-to-follow. Always appreciate – and learn something – from his webinars.

    Thomas is a great speaker.

    Thomas is outstanding as a teacher of genealogy, but I realized this topic is quite a ways beyond me at this point.

    Thomas Rocks! Excellent presentation! I’m setting up Slack now!

    Thomas was great as always!

    Thomas was great, but my brain couldn’t handle it. (I’m struggling with Microsoft Teams and Zoom for my genealogy society right now.) Maybe, down the road…

    Thomas’ webinar are always great.

    Tom MacEntee’s webinar are always educational!

    Very enthused to start learning slack and using it for collaboration in genealogy projects.

    Very good information about the SLACK program for genealogy.

    Very good, I need to decide if I can find time for more of these

    Very informative

    Very informative as well as interesting. Thank you! : )

    Very informative! Thomas is always GREAT!!!! Thanks!

    Very informative; and, I needed it to become more organized! Thanks!!!

    Very interesting and educational. I want to try it out.

    Very interesting and informative and will be bringing up the use of SLACK at our society’s board meeting. Thank you.

    Very interesting. Thanks Thomas

    very interesting. TY

    Very timely info for our family project

    Well presented but above my tech knowledge and needs

    What can anyone say about our beloved Thomas that hasn’t already been said????? He’s the BEST!

    will have to watch this again, Lots of great info. Some over my head

    Wonderful — funny and informative as ALWAYS!!

    Wow! I joined the meeting late. Anxious to look at this site.


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