Researching with Karen!

Karen Clifford, AG
Mar 4, 2015
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4m 46s
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Speaker's Introduction
2m 11s
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5m 55s
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Place of Origin in Germany
23m 52s
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Prove Parents
11m 48s
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Thomas Holleran
6m 26s
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Abel Hovey's father
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Three Husbands of Mary Lippencott
26m 45s
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Calvin Stephens Marriage
2m 24s
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Announcements / prizes
5m 51s
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Questions / answers
13m 17s

About this webinar

Feeling stuck? Have a difficult genealogy research problem? It may be time for a professional to assist. Join educator, author, and researcher, Karen Clifford, as she answers your questions and demonstrates how she solves genealogy cases. Seeing how someone else approaches a genealogy mystery can give you new ideas to apply for your own hunt.


In this Researching with Karen series, we invite you to submit a brief description of your current genealogy problem. Karen will select a few of your cases to be discussed in this webinar. While she doesn't promise to solve your mystery, she will show how an experienced professional would approach the research. 


To be considered, be sure to submit electronic copies of the following: 

  1. Family Group Record, with citations and/or notes
  2. Pedigree Chart
  3. Research Log of what you have already researched
  4. Your goal. Be specific. What exactly are you trying to find?


The Legacy Family Tree software makes it easy to create these electronic reports. Instead of printing to your printer, select the PDF File option. 


Email your case to with the subject line of "Researching with Karen"

About the speaker

About the speaker

Karen Clifford develops and teaches multiple online genealogy courses at colleges in California and Utah. She is an Accredited Genealogist® Professional and a Fellow of the Utah Ge
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