Researching in Australian Archives

Helen V. Smith
Jan 1, 2019
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3m 12s
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 25s
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5m 13s
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Government Archives
5m 51s
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National Archives
5m 20s
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State Archives
7m 30s
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Society of Archivists
5m 34s
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State Libraries
3m 45s
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2m 29s
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Smaller or Specialist Archives
1m 36s
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Other Archives
6m 20s
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2m 56s
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Gateway Sites
5m 14s
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Visiting an Archive
2m 18s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 44s
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Questions / answers
16m 38s

About this webinar

There are many Australian archives for research. From local council, town, State, Commonwealth, religious, business, organisational and more. Jurisdictional responsibilities changed over time, so it is important to know when and where your ancestor was to determine which archive might contain the records you need.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Helen has been researching her family since 1986 with research in Australia, England, Wales and Ireland. She is the author of Death Certificates and Archaic Medical Terms and Google the Genealogist’s Friend and has written for a
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    A lot of information to remember!!

    A wealth of information presented in accessible bites.

    Absolutely wonderful! Helen is an excellent speaker and having country oriented speakers.. especially from an area we never hear from is perfect! Thank you.

    An excellent Australian webinar, I will be watching all further Australian webinars. Thank you Geoff

    As an Australian who has been researching my family history for at least 15 years I am blown away at the number of archives that Helen mentioned that I hadn’t even thought of. Thank you so much.

    Brilliant coverage of all States and Territories Archives etc. The speaker knows her subject and how to present it well, as proven in her answers to questions after the webinar. Thank you for providing this webinar in normal daylight hours for south of the equator from Western Australia to New Zealand all awake.

    Clear, concise and kept to time. Great first webinar from Legacy for me.


    Delighted to attend a live webinar – different timezones have made it too difficult in the past. The webinar was absolutely wonderful and very comprehensive. I will need to watch this again and of course download the course notes, but I now have so many go to places to do my research. Thank you

    enjoyed very much and learnt an enormous amount, look forward to more of these

    Excellent search ideas for downunder!


    Extremely interesting. Although I live in Australia and am currently a research officer for our local group it was great to have a refresher on various aspects of Australian sites etc. Many thanks to all for putting this together and I hope I am able to attend the next sessions as from next week this time frame clashes with my research hours at the local library. Greetings from Australia

    Fantastic Webinar, I learned so much and got such a great discount for renewing my Subscription, Win/Win!

    First time I’ve done one of these – will now know how to “work” things for next webinar. Many thanks.

    Good clear, concise and full of relevant information. More Helen Smith webinars would be appreciated.


    Great information and a great time for us Australians to be able to join in.

    Great Information, well arranged and presented

    Great speaker and content.

    Great to be able to hear it live in daylight.

    Great to have a daytime webinar in our time zone. Excellent content.

    Great to see an Aussie Webinar

    Great, interesting and informative.

    Helen did an AWESOME job. I am looking forward to the whole Australian series this year on Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

    Helen has very clear diction, and speaks at a speed that can be readily understood

    Helen presented very well and she was easy to listen to. Her slides were also highly informative. It was an hour+ well spent. Thank you.

    Helen spoke with great knowledge about her topic and presented via her Powerpoint a wealth of reference guides for Australian research

    Helen was very familiar with her topic and was able to cover a lot of different sites of interest.

    Helen was wonderful. Gave me such great tips for my Australian research.

    Heln excellent as usual. great choice to start series

    I arrived late so missed some of the early stuff. But thank you Helen for highlighting the lesser known archives and museums and some hints about accessing these.

    I joined the seminar too late to have heard most of it, but what I heard sounds very interesting. Will log in later to hear what I missed.

    I need to check Australian sites for my one-name studies!

    If there was a higher mark she would get that too. Outstanding webinar filled with information not just relating to Australia but can be used as well for Archives around the world – simply brilliant!

    Information-packed! Thanks, Helen. And thanks, Geoff, for providing webinars at a very viewable time for Oz & NZ genealogists. Much appreciated. But I’ll still be up at 7.30 tomorrow morning to hear Judy Russell…!

    It is valuable to have an expert who lives in Australia speak on the topic.

    It was extremely well done by Helen the best I have heard in my 36 years of Family History. I Enjoyed every minute of Helen’s talk. Can’t wait to hear the next one.

    It was so comprehensive! Thank you.

    It was very good

    learned heaps

    Look forward to more pending work free time.

    Lots of new ideas and places to look. Thanks.

    Lovely and clear. Fitted in a great deal of information yet wasn’t too fast. Helpful visuals.

    Most enjoyable and informative, today gave me information about some sites I had not known of. I look forward to the other topics in this series. Thank you.

    My first one, I am hooked. It opened my eyes as to how much more info is available.

    My first webinar very informative thank you

    Nice to have it on local time. Well done!

    Nice webinar

    Plenty of great starting points I hadn’t considered. Thank you

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Really enjoyed the webinar and thought it was very helpful

    So enjoyed being able to view in real time

    So grateful for it being on in a time zone where I was able to participate and ask questions. And to put some icing on the cake…I was one of the prize winners. 🙂

    Thank you for expanding your webinars!

    Thank you for the coming series Down Under. I have not seen much webinar info or other learning materials about Australia.

    Thank you Helen and Geoff. Great to hear research information that is directed at Australia specifically instead of the more general world stuff. That was a lot of detail and will need to be rewatched I think, awesome. Happy New Year and thanks again

    Thank you, Helen. Very informative. There’s so much information that was covered.

    Thanks. Heaps of information in one webinar. In depth research techniques on a more specialised area (e.g. Using John Oxley Library) could form topics for future webinars.

    The 2 hour advance reminder was good as I’m one hour behind Sydney time. Learning about the smaller archives available was very interesting.

    This is my first webinar, so I didn’t know quite what to expect . I found it to be a very comprehensive overview – in fact too comprehensive. There was just too much information to absorb. Perhaps splitting it over two sessions might be less overwhelming. I do look forward to further Australian content.

    This was the first opportunity I have had to attend your webinars – it was wonderful, so thank you. I have had the fortune to meet Helen at other conferences and I am in awe of her vast knowledge of Family research.

    Very clear and easily understood presentation.

    very clear to understand. Thank you

    Very enjoyable and lots of information. Best of all is the time frame, being able to watch live in daylight and not in middle of night when tired and cannot concentrate.

    Very good – had to leave after an hour but well worth it – learned a lot about access to Aussie websites

    very helpful, and most interesting as an Australian it was a good time and home based. Thank you

    Very informative on Australian Archives and Genealogy. Done in a language that we can all understand

    Very informative!

    Very interesting and helpful with many new places to search for information to help with the “brick walls”. Looking forward to the next one and checking on others I may have missed that would help me. Thank you.

    Very nice 1st webinar from Down Under!

    very thorough and informative.

    Very well done with lots of information on how and where to search the Archives in Australia.

    Wonderful presentation – well presented & full of useful information for us Aussies. Well managed by Geoff also. 🙂

    Wonderful to have a Webinar on Australian material.

    Wonderful, friendly and knowledgeable presenter! Lots of new information and ideas to help with our research. Fantastic time of the day! Thank you both so much! 5*****


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