Legacy 9 Unlocked (part 9): Adding an Entry from an Online Database

Geoff Rasmussen
Dec 7, 2018
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6m 02s
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1 - To Do List and Research
11m 35s
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2 - Source Clipboard
5m 51s
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3 - Add New Data
8m 33s
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Steps 4-6
3m 58s
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FindAGrave tool
6m 43s
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What Next?
11m 09s
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Announcements / prizes
6m 01s
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Questions / answers
13m 15s

About this webinar

In this series, Legacy’s Geoff Rasmussen will guide you through the step-by-steps of properly adding genealogy documents, citations, and digital media to your Legacy Family Tree 9 software. Each class is based on a different chapter in his popular book, Legacy 9 Unlocked: Techniques, Tips and Step-By-Steps for Using Legacy Family Tree to Record Your Genealogy. Watch them in order if you want to follow the mystery or jump around to capture the instructions.
In this class, “Adding an Entry from an Online Database,” you’ll learn the six steps of adding information from any online database to Legacy. You’ll also learn about the Find A Grave tool.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Geoffrey D. Rasmussen is the father of four budding genealogists. He graduated with a degree in Genealogy and Family History from Brigham Young University and has served as director and vice-president of the Utah Genealogical Association. He is th
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    Always enjoy “Watch Geoff Live”. Hope there’s some more in the pipeline!

    Always enjoy Geoff’s webinars. Liked that you can put a hashtag on all the individuals in an entire family tree.

    Always enjoy hearing Geoff.

    Always GREAT !!!

    Always great and informative

    always happy for Goeff’s webinsr, very enlightening.

    Excellent as always

    Excellent presentation and most thoroughly in the demonstration. Thank you Geoff.

    Excellent series. Thanks Geoff.

    Fantastic series…..let’s do another one…hint, hint.

    Geoff always does a wonderful job of helping us….

    Geoff has done a terrific job of hosting the Legacy 9 Unlocked series!

    Geoff, this has been a wonderful series. Can’t wait for the next one.

    Geoff, you’re about as awesome as Legacy itself….

    Geoff’s Live webinars are always fun and informative!

    Geoff’s presentations are always interesting & well presented.

    good learning curb, was doing it as Geoff was saying it.

    Gr e at , as uaual!!

    Great class on Legacy 9.

    Great close!

    Great information!! Love the hands on presentation, and learn a lot!

    Great information. Got the wheels turning even more, ways to modify what I’ve been doing to give it more depth. Thank you.

    Great series – thank you.

    Great series, Geoff!

    I learned some new legacy tricks.

    I love Geoff live and Legacy Family Tree Webinars are the best deal around. Thanks so much.

    I love the series where it was all connected.

    Learned more than I expected today, from Geoff. Such a great teacher, even with his occasional [rare] fumbling over where to find something! 🙂 I feel much more confident in adding sources, using the clipboard, using to-do lists, etc. The more I watch, the more I learn. This series is pure gold! Merci buckets.

    LOVE GEOFF when he teaches.

    Loved this series!

    OMG I have a lot of work to do to correct some mistakes. Thanks Geoff

    So many tips, so little time! 😉


    Terrific webinar and a brilliant series. Lots of very useful hands on training for enhancing our genealogical skills.

    Thank you for a great series. So helpful to it it hand-on. Looking forward to to next year’s sequel! HA! HA!

    Thank you for an interesting, informative and easy to understand webinar. These Legacy 9 Unlocked webinars have been fantastic!

    Thank you! The segments are making the picture of the tool much clearer

    Thanks for the Geoff live webinars. I always learn something new.

    Thanks, Geoff! Great series and great presentations! Really appreciate all of your expertise and enthusiasm.

    Thanks, great job on whole series, Geoff! I learned and applied good things today. I now have the book and need to watch the series again. I won the Legacy 9 software from you last year, and I am so glad I did! Thanks, again, for that!

    This series has been just great, en with the book, sometimes it’s easier to watch it. I just love Geoff live, more next year please

    Wonderful seminar. I’ve learned so much from the whole series. Thank you Geoff


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