Introduction to Forensic Genealogy

Kelvin L. Meyers
Aug 23, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
2m 23s
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1m 49s
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Heir hunters
2m 38s
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Real Estate
2m 38s
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Mineral Rites
8m 00s
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Capitol mitigation
1m 51s
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Military repatriation
4m 25s
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Cold Case Files
1m 19s
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Gen Proof Standard
10m 36s
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Other Learning
2m 34s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

This course will give the participant an overview of forensic genealogy and the role of the genealogist in these types of cases. We will discuss some of the major types of cases in which a forensic genealogist may be involved, such as guardianship, oil and gas, unidentified and unclaimed persons, and probate. The role of the forensic genealogist as an expert witness will also be discussed.

About the speaker

About the speaker

A fifth-generation Texan and professional forensic genealogist since 1990, Kelvin is a frequent speaker to genealogical societies and family associations throughout the United States. As a graduate of Texas Tech University with a history major, Ke
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    +++ Awesome

    A good introduction to a lesser-known area of genealogy.

    A great eye-opener for the un-initiated such as me!

    Appreciate very much the level of detail, and particularly the definition of terms. Thanks!


    Can’t believe how fast the time flew by! Definitely interested in learning more.

    Certainly learned something new today!



    Excellent presentation…I learned a lot and now know I don’t want to pursue this field.

    Excellent presenter; Excellent presentation.


    Extremely informative!

    Fairly basic.

    Fantastic information – thank you


    Fascinating subject

    Fascinating topic. Well organized material. Well presented. An area of research which will be needed more and more as our population ages. Thanks.


    Full of good information and changed what I thought I knew about Forensic Genealogy.

    Good introduction to the topic.

    good overview of the field. good resources.

    Good reminder to stick to the Genealogical Proof Standards no matter which kind of family research we do.

    great information

    Great information that showed me I have a ways to go before I’m ready to step into forensic genealogy

    great introduction to the subject, thanks for offering

    Great webinar! Thank you!

    Great webinar!!

    I am an CA attorney who does probate, and he summarized the various state laws very well.

    I am going to look into this field.

    I found it very interesting and if I wasn’t 77 years old I would pursue it as a career!!!

    I found the webinar very intriguing.

    I had no idea what forensic genealogy was about and it was an interesting learning experience.

    I learned alot about this profession and many things to consider as an individual who has a will and thinking of the future.

    I would’ve have liked to see sample forms/research log. Perhaps that’s in the bonus webinar. I’ll take a look. As always, thanks for a genius service. 🙂

    Interesting to learn about even though I don’t think I would do it.



    Interesting. Not really my cup of tea, but definitely an interesting area for professional genealogists to explore.

    It was very informative. Kelvin is very knowledgeable.

    It was well presented and the speaker obviously knows their topic it was just a subject that did not interest me greatly. I had misunderstood what was meant by a Forensic Genealogist this seemed more about an heir hunter

    Kelvin did a great job making this topic accessible to those of us unfamiliar with this field

    Kelvin Meyers is an incredible resource that I hope will return with more webinars in the near future!

    Learned more about the Military

    Lots of good and interesting information.

    Lots of good information!

    Lot’s of good information. I wasn’t sure what to expect in this webinar.

    Lots of information to think about and reminds me of when I worked for a title insurance agency.

    Lots of information!

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    My grandfather leased his land in Huntington Beach to the oil companies. I need to look at the deeds. Thanks for all the good information!

    Presentation was interesting and clarified my understanding – I thought forensic genealogy would concentrate on using DNA to solve crimes.

    So interesting! My f-i-l did this type of work for the county of LA and made lots of money!!! !

    Thank you, very informative

    The speaker is easy to listen to, and his presentation was full of information and terms that I haven’t met before.

    This was a fantastic and timely subject! I have been struggling with what area of concentration I want to pursue professionally, and Kelvin just lit the way for me. Thank you both for a great webinar today!

    This was a great webinar, I learned so much! Thank you thank you!

    Thought I knew a good bit about forensic genealogy, but learned some more aspects today. Very interesting! Thank you!

    Very detailed information. Great webinar.

    Very enlightening!

    Very good

    Very good speaker, lots of pertinent information.

    Very informative

    Very informative

    Very informative and interesting! So much that I wasn’t aware of!

    Very informative and intriguing.

    Very informative and well done. WishI were 20 or so years younger. Might have been an interesting field. Thanks! Well done!!

    Very informative!

    Very informative, especially the warnings about areas in forensic genealogy that might be “hard” on the people doing the research.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and informative, thank you

    Very interesting and most informative! Thank you! : )

    Very interesting new topic. learned a lot.

    Very interesting presentation

    Very interesting stories and lots of good solid info.

    very interesting topic.

    Very interesting webinar about a little known area of genealogy.

    very interesting!

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting! Forensics – Whole new field to me. Lots of possibilities!

    Very interesting! If I were younger I would pursue this job for sure! Thanks 🙂

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Provided information we don’t normally get. Great job!

    Very well done

    Well prepared & helpful handout


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