Introduction to DNA Testing in Genealogy and Family History

Mike Mansfield
Mar 23, 2018
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Speaker's Introduction
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Some Cell Biology
20m 25s
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DNA Testing
26m 45s
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

DNA is an increasingly important tool that can help us discover amazing things about ourselves and our families. This webinar will provide a brief refresher of human genetics and review the different types of DNA tests available today with an in-depth discussion of autosomal DNA tests and how these tests can be used to solve genealogical problems where evidence from traditional records in scarce.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Mike Mansfield works for as the Director of Content Operations. Previously Mike has worked for and FamilySearch and has been active in the genealogy and family history domain for the last 20 years. Mike has presented at
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    6 years ago

    I am loving all of these informative webinars related to DNA! Thank you!

    I find these webinars so helpful, and from each one, I gain a little bit more. I seem to be a slow learner, so being able to go back and review is helpful, and tha each one references a different part of understanding is useful too. thanks so much.

    I have a better understanding of how DNA is formed and how we get what we. I knew my results can be different from my siblings, and now I know why. Thanks!

    I haven’t tested my dna but I find the whole field very interesting and learned a lot from this webinar

    I made a VERY small dint in DNA testing and its application to genealogy. Thanks Mike and Geoff!

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mike provided me with interesting DNA information in an easy to comprehend manner. I look forward to attending more of his webinars.

    I would give this webinar a 10, if it went that high! The microbiology course was a great segway into using DNA for genealogy. Please have Mike come back!!

    interesting biology background

    Interesting. Just starting to dig into DNA testing, so this was a good beginning. (a little overwhelming at times, but it did help)

    It gave me a better understanding of how it all works. Will be exploring some of the other webinars in the library that have additional information on the subject.

    It inspires me

    it was a 5++++ presentation. Something I could understand. I will be playing this one again and again. Thank you so much for making this topic understandable.

    It was a lot to take in as a novice to webinars. But I did enjoy it and will take part in more of them.

    It’s all starting to make some sense!

    It’s wonderful to have a from-the-start lesson. I am so confused about DNA, even though I’ve taken some tests and read some materials. This webinar really helped. Thank you.

    Liked his graphics. Wish my teacher had them when I was in high school oh so many years ago!

    Love how people with lots of knowledge are willing to share. Thanks for the informative webinar.

    Loved the analogies using the boots! It really made it clear to us non-scientific types.

    My level of understanding DNA increases with each webinar I watch. I still have a long way to go but it all helps! Thank you so much for providing these.

    One of the best DNA webinars I have attended.


    Please have this presenter back again. He knows how to break down abstract information into understandable concepts. Loved his use of pictures to support understanding. His slides were excellent, not too many concepts to a page, and his outline was easy to follow as he talked which helped with note-taking. Can’t wait until I can listen to this webinar again.

    Provided more clarity to some of the DNA information. Will look to other presentations by him as I like how he presented the information.

    Really enlightening!

    Reduced some scientific concepts to easy to understand analogies.

    So much information packed into this webinar! Another winner!!

    Some things I’d heard but much was new and most importantly, VERY clearly explained.

    starting to get the idea on this subject.

    Super good! Greatly enhanced my understanding of how the DNA test works.

    Super webminar with crystal clear explanations. Very lively presentation. Merci beaucoup!

    Technically dense but very informative. It is one I will have to listen to several times.

    The best technical and practical presentation I have had on DNA. Outstanding!

    This is worth viewing again, Thank you.

    This was the very best webinar I have watched on DNA Testing in Genealogy and Family History. This webinar had very clear explanations and excellent visuals. Thank you Mike Mansfield!!!!!!! You are awesome!!!!!!!!!

    This webinar had the best explanation about DNA that I’ve seen! I’ll recommend it to friends.

    Tons of good information – very helpful presentation on interpreting DNA and the estimates.

    Very clear explanations of chromosome browser and how to use this new tool to find ancestors.

    Very informative about the autosomal test!

    Very informative! Mike did a fantastic job of teaching so much info in an easy-to-understand way, and in just over an hour. I will be recommending this webinar to everyone I know!

    Very interesting! Waiting for a couple of MyHeritage testing kits now. Thanks 🙂

    Very Interesting, well worth the time to view the presentation. Good explanations.

    Very well done and a real learning session.

    Very well done presentation and pictures worth a thousand words!

    Well presented. Graphics great! Learned much. Thank you.

    When I saw the first few webinars on DNA I was so confused and did not understand a thing. These last few webinars MyHeritage presented were so great. They are still a little techy but I understand more than ever thought I would. I look forward to more webinars of this kind. Thamks Mike and Geoff for all you do.

    Wonderful webinar on the introduction to DNA for genealogy.


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