I Received DNA Matches, Now What?

Daniel Horowitz
Nov 26, 2019
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About this webinar

More than 3 million people around the world have used MyHeritage DNA. Some people may have hundreds, or even thousands, of DNA Matches. How do you evaluate your DNA Matches and discover more about your relationship? If you have a Theory of Family Relativity™, you'll learn how it can help you. If you don't have a Theory of Family Relativity™, you'll receive important tips that can improve your chances of discovering a theory in the future.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Genealogy Expert at MyHeritage, providing key contributions liaising with genealogy societies, bloggers and media, as well as lecturing, and attending conferences around the world. Dedicated to Genealogy since 1986, he was the teacher and the stud
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    always love listening to Daniel!

    Daniel always does an excellent job in presenting the best of My Heritage!

    Daniel Horowitz is just great overall. My hope is to meet him and So many other wonderful Genealogists someday! Today he talked about DNA Matches.

    Daniel HOROWITZ’s presentation was fantastic – great content and easy to follow detailed explanations. Thank you Daniel & Geoffrey!

    Daniel is funny! I appreciated the group shout-out.

    Daniel really helped me understand My Heritage’s powerful tools. Was obviously not using it to its capacity. Excited to use those tools!

    Daniel was clear and concise in his presentation.

    Easy to understand presentation.

    Excellent – I love seeing the examples which show how to use the various features! I’ve been sliding past all the filters and other features, but clearly I need to go back and get methodical about reviewing my matches!! Thanks so much.

    Excellent! Thank you!

    Glad that you posted the Facebook link as I have questions about the ability of upgrading an uploaded DNA test from another company.

    great overview of all of the options that help look at how I might be connected to my DNA matches!

    Great! Daniel is so easy to understand in talking about such a difficult subject! Thanks, Daniel.

    Helpful information

    I especially appreciated Daniel’s pace of information, as it made it easy to process.

    I had been avoiding dna clusters like the plague, but the presentation has inspired me to look more into it to find family members.

    I have had my DNA results for awhile and need to make the time to REALLY focus on them. The webinar was very helpful and I am a member of MyHeritage so the screens and details made a lot of sense. Thank you again for all your information and help.

    I intend to watch it again with my MH account open.

    I’m new at this. Thanks for the knowledge.

    It was a clear and an easily understood presentation. I learned considerably more about DNA and how to read the results and connections.

    It was more MyHeritage-centric than I anticipated but I did a new auto-cluster to see what happens. I was glad to get his explanation. Now that I see the details of the DNA in a different interface, I think I might make more progress with the Irish side.

    Learn tips to work on smart matches and theory. Thank you

    Learned features that I never looked at before. He is an excellent speaker and while I thought I knew everything about it…he presented it in a way that seemed more reasonable in approaching your matches.

    Nice step-by-step summary of what MyHeritage DNA has to offer.

    So much to do, so little time!

    Speaker talked slowly and very clearly. I appreciate that.

    Thank you!

    Thanks, folks. Really interesting. Learned a lot. Look forward to the next one.


    Useful info…and humor was appreciated. 🙂

    Very clear, easy to understand. Thanks.

    Very easy to understand.

    Very helpful. Thank you.

    very informative…

    Very interesting and I may now be doing a My Heritage DNA test. Thanks

    Very interesting! I need to go home and see what I can find in my DNA!

    Very, very helpful about things I didn’t know were there waiting for my click. Mr. Horowitz’s diction nice and clear, easily understood.


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