How to Find Birth, Marriage and Death Registrations in Canada

Kathryn Lake Hogan
Apr 9, 2021
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Nova Scotia
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New Brunswick
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British Columbia
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About this webinar

Each Canadian province and territory has different laws about birth, marriage and death registrations, how and what information was collected, and when those records are released into the public domain. This presentation will discuss where to find the records and how to access them.

About the speaker

About the speaker

​It all started when Kathryn Lake Hogan, UE, PLCGS, was a Girl Guide leader wanting the girls in her group to learn about their heritage. Why not teach them about researching their family history? To do so, Kathryn had to first learn how to resear
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    A definite replay is needed! Great information!

    A fabulous webinar and so full of information! Will definitely need to watch the recording.

    a lot of information in a short time, but glad to have access to replay later THANKS

    A new area of information I’ve wanted to know more about. I will go through this again. More Canadian, British Columbia specific, webinars would be of interest!

    A wealth of information. Thanks!

    Although I arrived late, the information regarding vital statistics records available in each Province was very detailed and useful. Thank you

    awesome info

    Canadian good info from Katherine

    enjoyed this session.


    Excellent !

    Excellent facts and timelines for available records

    Excellent information – very helpful to know where to look for records

    Excellent overview of Canada’s BMD records.

    excellent overview of locality record availability for Canada

    Excellent overview with a bit of history thrown in. And the syllabus is worth the price of membership.

    Excellent presentation and information. I am working my Canadian family tree now! So helpful.

    Excellent presentor and presentation !!!

    Thank you for this AND for the syllabus !!!

    Excellent, very comprehensive.

    Excellent, well organized, very thorough.

    Explanations were easy to follow and my silent questions seemed to blend right into her discussion, thank you!

    Extremely helpful information for determing the availability and location of records in Canada.

    Fantastic overview. Dates documents are available in each province is very helpful! Thanks

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Gave me the info I was looking for — on where to find records.

    Good brief overview

    good documentation

    good info for my provinces.

    Good information.

    good job

    Good material. Certainly a wealth of information as always. Keep up the good work.

    good overview

    Good overview. A lot of information.

    Good overview. Good syllabus.

    Good sources Thanks

    Great handout. Good coverage of the whole country. I have ancestors mainly in Ontario, but some moved west to Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and B.C.

    Great helpful Canadian information! Well presented!

    Great info for Canadian sources! Thank you

    Great information

    Great information

    Great information of places to find records.

    Great information! Well-researched!

    Great information! Would like more info Quebec-specific and crossings to U. S. Thank you!!!

    great overview and perfect format for 50 minutes

    Great overview of sources for each providence.

    Great presentation

    Great thank you

    Great to get so much info about records in Canada, this should help me find the mystery relatives.

    Have ancestors from Canada and had no idea how to find their records! This is very timely and most helpful! has saved me weeks/ months of fruitless searches!

    Thank you

    Great presentation. Good information, especially since there is such diversity in each Canadian province. thank you

    Thank you, I heard most of it and it was very informative and simple to understand!

    I was hoping for more information on Ontario, but I understand that would be difficult when trying to cover all of Canada. If possible, I would prefer to hear more specific in-depth topics, such as focusing on a single province at a time, although I understand why that might not be possible. Otherwise the speaker was excellent, and the information was presented in a concise and clear manner. A pleasure to listen to, thank you.


    Just starting to do some genealogy research in Canada; perfect timing and information to help me get started. Thank you.

    Kathryn did as well as she could, it seems, with the limited time of the webinar. Thanks for commenting about Ontario being shut down for COVID and other things like that!

    Kathryn is a fabulous presenter and I’m always interested in Canadian content to make my research journey less challenging.

    Kathryn provided lots of great information on which bmd records are extant in each province, and where to look for original records. 🙂

    Learned some great facts about records. Can now search other ways!

    Very clear and concise speaker considering the amount she had to cover in a short time was great!

    lots of good info. Love all the URL’s Great job

    Lots of great hints to find information from Canada

    Lots of great information

    Lots of great information and the handout will be very useful.

    Lots of information in a short amount of time. Hope to get the syllabus at the FTWebinar site..

    lots of useful, concise info in a short amount of time Thank You!

    Loved all the details about dates for each province. Am going to need to watch this one again!

    Now I have some ideas where to find records in New Brunswick. Great Job!

    Packing lots of information that I’m sure is very helpful to most researchers doing research in Canada; I am about to start researching Canadian records and now realize I need to collect more basic data before I launch into it!

    Presenter did a great job. I like how she defined each region clearly.

    Provided useful info.

    reminded me of sources for missing information I need to continue my research

    So clear and well prepared.

    So much fun.

    So much information, will listen agin, and maybe again. Thank you.

    So precise and concise Wonderful

    Soooooo much information!!! Thank you!

    sound kept cutting out. Otherwise excellent.

    Syllabus a terrific guide to records.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    3 years ago

    Thank you Kathryn. will have a lot of work next week with all your info

    Thank you so much for all the great resources for finding my travelling Canadian ancestors from all the eastern provinces and BC.

    Thank you, very informative!


    Thanks for the great webinar.

    Thanks, excellent

    The start dates, and availability dates are great to have in such an organized format. Will save me hours of ‘wondering’ and wasted searching….. thank you.

    This was a terrific presentation, very informative and fascinating; the information shared was clear and very helpful. I’m looking forward to re-watching the video. Thanks so much!!!

    This was a whirlwind of useful information. The presenter was very knowledgeable.

    This was loaded with great info. Thanks

    Very clear and precise. Good visual examples.

    Very fast paced but thorough.

    Very good overview, covering a lot of ground in a short time.

    Very helpful — a lot of information was covered since Canada is so vast. Thank you!

    Very helpful and informative

    Very helpful information. Explains why my great-grandfather, who was born 3 months before Confederation, does not have a birth record that I’ve found. Thanks for the advice to search church records.

    Very helpful to hear about the various sites for finding records.

    Very helpful! It’s good that we can replay it once the recording is uploaded. Lots of good info for us Canadians!!

    Very informative, since I have relatives in 3 of the provinces!

    Very informative-thanks!

    Very knowledgeable, great presentation, especially relating the records to the formation of Canada which is critical when researching. Thanks!

    Very thorough look at Canada. A lot to cover in 50 minutes! Thanks for a great presentation.

    Very thorough. Really helped that she went province by province. Very sad to know how expensive Saskatchewan records are.

    Two thumbs up for sure!!

    Very well done and organized. I would just suggest to the presenter for future that Newfoundland is pronounced correctly with accent on the last syllable.

    Well done and i got a number of tips to deal with some of my stonewalls.

    Thanks Kathryn

    Well organized and quite thorough!

    Well organized and very helpful

    went a little too fast, could have slowed down a bit. Very good info. Thank you

    wish the dates of BMD’s were included in the syllabus otherwise very good webinar – I will watch this again.

    Wonderful information!

    Wonderful new information that is very pertinent. Very easy to follow and take notes. Thank you It makes me grateful that the US doesn’t have the same year restrictions on obtaining information about family or most of us wouldn’t have much in our trees.

    wow, lots of information . presented in a concise manner. Many Questions… are there more webinars presented by Kathyrn going to the next step. Also, has she followed the path of BHC ,as to recording their marriages and deaths? Thank you for sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge.


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