Fridays in May: Your Questions Answered LIVE—Tech with Thomas

Thomas MacEntee
May 8, 2020
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 20s
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Tech News
3m 46s
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Desktop and Organization
4m 48s
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Password Management
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Your Genealogy Legacy
1m 59s
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US Census
2m 29s
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Internet Browser and VPNs
3m 26s
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Headers and Footers
5m 49s
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Questions / answers
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

Now’s your chance to ask your tech questions, your DNA questions, and your Legacy software questions. On hand will be experts in their fields: Thomas MacEntee, Diahan Southard, and Geoff Rasmussen. Email your questions to Register once and you will be registered for all four "Fridays in May" webinars.

  • Friday, May 8: Tech with Thomas
  • Friday, May 15: DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 22: Legacy software with Geoff
  • Friday, May 29: More tech with Thomas

About the speaker

About the speaker

So, what if I told you that a Baby Boomer guy with a love of punk rock music but also Renaissance Art, somehow “fell” into the technology industry almost 40 years ago, and then left a lucrative career in information technology to pursue his love o
Learn more...

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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago


    A great variety. I didn’t know much about most of these newer technologies.

    A Thomas MacEntee webinar is always a great reference source. So much helpful information.

    Always a good presenter and lots of valuable tips.

    Always enjoy Thomas and learn a lot.

    Always get great tips when listening to Thomas. I’m signed up for More at the end of month.

    Always great to hear this speaker.

    Always great with Thomas. Love his webinars.

    Always great! I can’t complain.

    Always informative…always FUN!!!!

    Always learn something new from Thomas

    Always love webinars by Thomas

    Always the best source for all things “techie”! I’ve watched them all by Thomas and always walk away with something new!

    Always, I learn so much from Thomas – and I have a tech adult kid in my home!! So practical and useful. I can definitely add a few of these tech items, and get used to making them work for my needs. Thanks so much for these Tech items in May!! And the TechZone too. Gold stars all around.

    Another great one from Thomas!

    Another great webinar! I learned so much new helpful information!

    Appreciate all the recommended items. Thomas has given me a lot to consider as I contiue my genealogy journey.

    appreciated the chance to ask questions!

    As always outstanding and very informative.

    As always Thomas was great.

    As usual he knows gives more in a session than I can assimilate in a month. He’s the best. So glad Legacy has all this stuff archived at FamilyTree Webinars.


    Even this “non-techy” person loved it! Thanx!

    Excellent coverage of the tech aspects. Well done, Thomas – and thanks!

    Excellent Webinar!

    Excellent! Thank you!


    Fabulous, as always.

    Fantastic presenter! So many new tips to try.

    Good broad coverage of technology

    good resources and information!




    Great info!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

    Great info, thanks!

    Great information

    Great information and understandable. Many thanks.

    Great information, clearly presented. I will watch it again

    Great Q&A, thanks for the handout and all the great links!

    Great session! Thank you Thomas, Marian and Geoff! : )

    Great speaker.

    great suggestions

    Great tips!

    Great to have the myriad of resources on the web boiled down to the most worthwhile to use (for us amateurs)

    Great webinar! Best all round informational source.

    Great Webinar.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Great webinar. Always a wealth of information imparted by Thomas.

    Great Webinar. Thank you for putting this free webinar together.

    Great webinar. Thank you.

    Great webinar.

    I am going to watch this one again. Thanks, Thomas.

    I enjoyed it very much. Thomas gave me a lot of ideas about tech stuff to check out. It was one of those types when I felt like I didn’t know what I didn’t know until I watched this webinar. Thanks!

    I found it fascinating and exciting, especially once I found the screenshot icon. Lol. I really appreciated that my question was answered at the end. Thanks and I look forward to next week’s webinar!

    I love this. Different questions from everyone. Thomas does such a great job and so informative

    I loved learning about online programs, tools, and tips in today’s webinar. Thank you!!

    I now know what I don’t know very much about. I l like when I learn something new. This has given me a start of discovering new topics, products and sources.

    Interesting new sites and ideas

    interesting type of webinar. Looking forward to the next several Fridays in May.

    It was good hearing about all the Tech stuff out there.

    It’s a 10! so much great info.

    It’s a nice way to hear about new developments. Thank you.

    learned alot

    Learned quite a bit. Appreciate watching someone showing you how to actually do things on the computer.

    lot of good info and resources to use

    lots of good info!! Thanks

    Lots of great info, thanks

    Love the ability to get questions answered on the fly

    Love the Q&A webinars! You get information and ideas from the lecturer and participants!

    Love*Love*Loe this webinar! Thomas is great!. Thank you Legacy for the webinars that you do!!!

    Love, love, love Thomas. He is my digital teacher!

    Much of it was above my knowledge level but perhaps that’s what I need

    My first webinar. I had heard Thomas speak before at the 2019 Ohio Gene. Conference. He is very informative and entertaining!

    Now I have more great stuff to go hunt for, Thanks !

    Now to check out some of the things Thomas suggested!

    Oh it sounded wonderful! I was interrupted. But, will definitely re-watch it!

    Plenty of ideas to follow up. Thanks.

    Really enjoyed the back and forth!

    Really like everything Thom MacEntee does–thanks

    right amount of iformation clearly delivered, well paced…very knowledgeable…

    so easy to understand and like that you show screen shots for websites instead of just mentioning them.

    so many questions, so many answers

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Such wonderful variety – so knowledgeable

    Super duper great webinar – love the interaction feature

    Technology was good. Many subjects covered. I enjoyed the program.

    Thank you very much. Good stuff.

    Thank you! Very helpful tips.

    Thank you.

    Thanks for a great session!

    Thanks very much Thomas. great info

    The Tri-fecta of Genealogy Information: Geoff, Marie, and Thomas! One cannot ask for more or better.

    This was a fun one! Thanks for all the hints and tips.

    Thomas always delivers great information! I am not very tech savvy, but I was able to glean some useful information and new things to try. Thanks for the nudge!

    Thomas always has great webinars — generous with his time and expertise. Thanks for doing this!

    Thomas gave an excellent presentation! As always, he was informative and engaging.

    Thomas has great advice, he’s easy to listen to and explains technology so a non-technical person can understand.

    Thomas is always 5+ in my book.

    Thomas is always able to pack an amazing amount of new and useful information into a short period of time. Great lecture!

    Thomas is always great!

    Thomas is always great. I love learning new things, especially tech. Thanks.

    Thomas is always terrific! Very informative. Thanks!


    Thomas is my Number One all time favorite webinar speaker.

    Thomas is so knowledgeable and presents information so it is easy to digest.

    Thomas know his stuff!

    Thomas MacEntee is a National Treasure.

    Thomas MacEntee is great. Love hearing his webinars. Have no idea how he keeps up with all this technology.

    Thoroughly enjoyed this afternoon’s webinar. Thomas is so helpful! Now to locate his handout. Thanks for this session.

    Tom’s great!

    Very enjoyable!

    very good

    very helpful, I think Thomas is a great presenter and provides clear advice that everyone can understand. Thanks

    Very helpful.

    Very informative – I learned alot. Thank you so much

    very informative on a wide range of topics

    Very useful!

    was good to hear different hints as to what to do. thank you

    Well done! I am amazed about how many topics were covered by Thomas MacEntee. He really knows his “stuff.” As always, I learned a lot from him. Thank you!


    wow! so much info. I’m glad to have the syllabus.

    Yet another great presentation by Thomas.


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