Fridays in May: Your Questions Answered LIVE—More DNA with Diahan

Diahan Southard
May 22, 2020
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Matching or Not?
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About this webinar

Now’s your chance to ask your tech questions and your DNA questions. On hand will be experts in their fields: Thomas MacEntee and Diahan Southard. Email your questions to Register once and you will be registered for all four “Fridays in May” webinars.

  • Friday, May 8: Tech with Thomas
  • Friday, May 15: DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 22: More DNA with Diahan
  • Friday, May 29: More tech with Thomas

About the speaker

About the speaker

Diahan Southard knows firsthand what a difference it can make to know where you came from. What started off as an educational and career interest in genetic genealogy became deeply personal when she used DNA to discover her mom’s birth parents and
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago


    A clear and helpful explanation about DNA

    a lot of information — well presented — thanks

    A lot to digest, but good coverage. Now it’s up to me to dig deeper.

    a new area of knowledge to master – a bottomless well

    Absolutely outstanding – even the tech stuff was excellent – looking forward to the next session

    Again Diahan did a great job of describing how to understand our DNA testing information. I intend to view as many of her DNA webinars as possible as well as other DNA webinars.

    Always interesting and informative when Diahan is the guest speaker. I learn more each time she explains DNA. The questions of others often are ones I would not have thought of my self and yet the answers are helpful in understanding.

    Always learn something new every time Diahan presents.

    Always the best!

    Amazing explanations from Diahan! Another eye opening DNA webinar! Thank you

    amazing. Love this method of learning. Thank you. Well worth getting up at 6am

    As always great! And I appreciate you getting as technical as you do. That’s the really fun part of your presentations, even if I have to view them multiple times. Keep up the good work, just like you’re doing now.

    As always her webinars are amazing, concise and clear! I enjoy learning with her. Thank you.

    As always, amazing, helpful information presented perfectly!

    Awesome as always. Great explanations on the technical questions.

    awesome as usual!!

    Awesome, I kept up and understood everything! Thank you so much.

    can I give her a 10 … fabulous!

    Concepts were explained in detail to allow better understanding of the message. Very Informative.

    D I a h a n is such a great presenter! (Sorry about the spaces, autocorrect was not cooperation!)

    D Southard always does a great job.

    Diahan always does a great job of explaining a complex subject. She has such great analogies.

    Diahan always explains things so well! She’s such a pleasure to listen and learn from!

    Diahan did an excellent job of explaining complex concepts. Her the in two different books analogy was great, as were her slides. Please don’t shy away from being technical–we need that!

    Diahan does a wonderful job with explaining complicated questions. Learned some new things!

    Diahan does just a great job of breaking down the science so we can follow it and understand it. She is the best (and I’m not saying that because she is my cousin.)

    Diahan gave helpful answers on this complicated topic. Her illustrations are good when giving explanations.

    Diahan is a superb teacher. I am convinced she could teach second graders about DNA through her graphics and explanations and Phd. candidates as well. I have heard her speak in person and online and she has no equal. Thanks Diahan for all you do for the genealogy community.

    Diahan is a very clear teacher; her explanations are well understood. Please have more of her webinars on DNA! Thanks

    Diahan is always great

    Diahan is always great…explains so well

    Diahan is always helpful with her explanations.

    Diahan is an energetic speaker and explains DNA in simple terms.

    Diahan is an excellent presenter. 🙂

    Diahan is excellent. So clear and easy to understand.

    Diahan is good at explaining DNA.

    Diahan is great. The adoption segment with the genetic networks is finally starting to sink in!!

    Diahan is one of the best speakers around! Thanks so much.

    Diahan is so good at explaining concepts that are difficult to understand. I learned several things today!

    Diahan is so great in her explanations. It makes things easier for us to understand

    Diahan is so helpful in her explanations. I always enjoy hearing and learning a little more each time. It was so confusing at first to learn about DNA, but it makes more sense each webinar.

    Diahan is very well prepared and organized.

    Diahan made it seem simple, but I know I have to do some reading to get it fixed in my mind. Well done!

    Diahan was fantastic again and not too technical. It helps to be stretched.

    Diahan was wonderful as usual! Makes difficult concepts easier to grasp.

    Diahan’s webinars are always well done — great analogies and the visuals really do help. Thanks!

    Dihann is a phenomenal presenter & instructor. She is truly gifted in her ability to simplify such very complex sciencey concepts.

    Do triangulation matching both sides on same segment, next time.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Each time I watch I understand more. Diahan you have a great ability to make this understandable.

    Easy to follow along. Diahan has a unique way of teaching that works for me.

    enjoy DIahan’s presentation style — makes it easier to understand

    Enjoy this discussion

    Especially loved the DNA Adoption segment!


    excellent – cleared up a number of questions and was not too technical!!

    Excellent information

    Excellent presentation. Diahan is the best DNA teacher that I have listened to.

    Excellent as always for Diane. Everything was clearly explained. Enhanced my understanding of Y-DNA immensely. Diane has a knack for explaining difficult concepts so we can understand them.

    Excellent as always. I always learn something new with Diahan.

    excellent but am a beginner so lots to learn

    Excellent coverage of a variety of subjects

    Excellent DNA webinar. Diahan always fills in blank spots in my DNA understanding. Thank you.

    Excellent learnt heaps thank you

    Excellent presentation.

    Excellent Webinar! Great information.


    Excellent! I understood a lot! Thanks!

    Explained things very well but will need to review more than once.

    Explanations excellent. Like grahics!



    Fantastic webinar giving a greater understanding of DNA and also, how to view the matches and understand their links to the bigger family picture.

    Fantastic. I LOVE the technical stuff…I need it at this point in my research. Thank you!

    Fantastic. Especially the level of detail. Learned a number of new things.

    First time DNA explanation. I can follow, but couldn’t pass a test on this topic.

    Fun and informative as always!

    good info

    Got a wee bit technical for me, but very good overall. I need to keep plugging away at DNA.


    Great content

    Great explanations of best approaches to evaluating DNA but still would like more explanation of how to differentiate descendants of great-grandfather from descendants of great-grandmother, since those descendants match them both.

    Great info

    Great job on a difficult subject.

    Great presentation – clear and concise.

    Great presentation, but I need a lower level at this time.

    Great Seminar

    Great speaker and great topic. Sorry I had to leave a few minutes early. Thank you!

    Great webinar and not too technical. Wonderful! So happy Legacy has these Friday answer your question webinars. Learn even if I didn’t submit a question. Always recommend this company and program. Best on the market.

    Great Webinar. Thank you Diahan.


    Great! Got a lot of clarity!

    Great! Not too technical.

    Great, answered a few of my unasked questions. Definitely not too technical.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    I always learn so much from Diahan! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

    I am just beginning my genealogy journey. These discussions were too advanced for me at this time, although they are something to look forward to eventually.

    I am looking for tool to better understand DNA. I took Ancestry DNA.

    I appreciate Diahan covering all ranges of DNA questions – from basic concepts to more intense explanations. And she encourages newbies to a given concept to hang in there. Thanks.

    I appreciate her explanations! Thank you for hosting.

    I appreciated the information very much.

    I can’t wait to get back to my DNA results and relook. I did autosomal and am dealing with that mostly. Fishing in all pools for matches. I did mitocondrial but had so many matches I never fooled with and I manage my brothers Y test and I was WAY lost there. No I feel I can take it all on. Love Dianhan webinars.

    I did not submit any questions, but enjoyed listening to the descriptions and explanations from Ms. Southard. Makes me want to learn more.

    I don’t think I have enough adjectives to describe how wonderfully informative this webinar has been! Dian is fantastic! Just the right amount of tech talk to help you understand the concept she’s trying to share. I always come away from her presentations feeling so much smarter! 😉

    I enjoyed the content. Thank you.

    I enjoyed the presentation and I must review it again and take more notes so I can apply what I have learned today.

    I enjoyed the technical aspects of the webinar. Thank you very much for making these topics much clearer.

    I enjoyed the technical detail. I think that is what they question and answer webinars are for!

    I guess I am a VERY beginner so I found some of it to be very confusing. I still do not see the WHOLE picture in how this will help ‘break down a brick wall.’ What I DID get from the presentation made sense and was helpful but the more technical parts went over my head – if that makes sense to you.

    I just love hearing her, and would have enjoyed a bit more direction as to where to find those pages on my ftdna. I got lost trying to copy her movements so that I could understand. But- great talks by DS

    I knew it would be good and it was.

    I know little about DNA, but learn more every time I listen to Diahan even though some is above my level. Thanks…please present more.

    I learn something new each time.

    I love the fact that Ms Southard jumps into the really knotty questions. Her graphics are great!

    I never have given a 5 until now. Great job in explaining this DNA topic. I may be more confusind on a higher level now. (HA!)

    I now know that there are a lot more things that I don’t know much about. The DNA testing and matching is a lot more complicated than I, in my ignorance, had assumed it to be. Thanks for bringing me up just a tad.

    I really enjoyed attending this.

    I thought there was a good mix of basic and more advanced material!

    I understand getting more technical is difficult- but the more times I hear it the more I understand!

    I will never get this topic…even after a week at SLIG on DNA…but you make it so much less intimidating and so much more interesting…and I did actually understand IBS & IBD today, which was completely new to me …I think… 🙂

    I’ll admit, some of the information was at a higher level than usual for Diahan, but I’m at the point where I need to start hearing some of that. She gave a great explanation on why we should not put much weight in the smaller number of cMs, which Blaine Bettinger refers to as noise.

    I’m a beginner but it gave me answers and ideas to take forward on my DNA journey as I have to start somewhere. Thanks for all your good information.

    I’m still a beginner, so I need to listen more than once. Some parts I really learned a lot though. Thanks

    It has helped understand how DNA can be of a benefit for my research. But I will need to listen to it again to listen to all the questions and answers. Thanks for the free webinar.

    It was a little to technical for me in some areas but I still learned a lot!

    It was all great and very interesting! DNA is always an interesting subject, the more you hear, the more it sticks. Thank you! )

    It was very good, but way over my head.

    It was wonderful – easy to understand technical explanations.

  4. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Just so very well done.

    Keep up the technical bits. Enjoyed it.

    Learned important stuff again!

    Lots of clear steps in how to use your DNA for finding real matches, as opposed to those that are just location related from far in the past. Diahan is a great speaker, and I appreciate her sharing her knowledge. Thank you.

    lots of good information

    Lots of good information. I’m just beginning with DNA but trying to listen to DNA webinars. Figure each time I figure I will understand a little more. Thanks.

    Lots of info to digest & mull over. Definitely will help with my further research! Thanks!

    Lots of information that was helpful. Will go to library to view more. Excellent. Thanks.

    Love these q&a webinars with her. So much information gets passed along that I think is VERY helpful for everyone. DNA is the big thing and she has the ability to explain it to all levels without losing anyone.

    Loved it! Very well done and easily understood!

    loving it … will continue to watch later!

    Makes very webinar sound so easy with her excellent presentations.

    Many questions answered.

    need to look/listen to all her webinars….life is too short!

    Not too technical. Could have listened for hours longer. Loved it!

    Not too technical. I haven’t spent a lot of time learning about the DNA results before, but I still got a lot out of it. Thank you!

    One of the best presenters. I would like Diahan to do a series from beginning DNA all the way to advanced.

    Outstanding presentation in content, style of presenting and pace. Really enjoyed it.


    Perfect in every way. Presenter has in-depth knowledge which she demonstrates with wonderful, easy-to-understand analogies!!! Just like last week when she explained siblings having different amounts of DNA and demonstrated via two different circles being inked-in two different halves !!! Thank you so much. TLC

    Perfect presentation. I seem to learn more with each session. Thank you so much for doing this.

    She is always fantastic. She explains complicated things in a way that makes them understandable. Really glad she will be back for more sessions.

    She is an excellent teacher!

    She is great! Glad she’s coming back!

    She is so clear and understandable!

    She is so great at explaining the technical stuff

    She presented this difficult subject very clearly.

    She’s fabulous! Makes this complicated science easier to understand in increments.

    Should be a 10. Please don’t let Diahan change. She is so good at explaining the technical that everyone can understand. It is like a light bulb going off in your head. If some people can’t take it they should just keep watching it over and over again. I am old, and I like her fastness. She gets a lot into a short time period and one
    can understand her perfectly.

    So clear- thank you Diane. I’m going now to listen to your other recordings on Legacy.

    So great! I learned a lot about how best to use my DNA matches at different companies. It was technical but not too technical.

    So much good information.

    Some of it is over my head, but every webinar teaches me a little more.

    Some of it was over my head, but we all need to be challenged periodically to learn more.

    some of the technical information might have been explained more clearly for the non-techie people

    Somewhat technical but was able to understand the majority of the Question and Answer!

    Such a pleasure to listen to her explain ing genectic genealogy. I could listen and learn all day.

    Superb – I could listen all day to Diahan at these sessions!

  5. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    Terrific session! Everything was explained very well! Can’t wait for the next DNA session. Thanks!

    Terrific! Technical yes, but not too technical. I’ve never heard this stuff explained better. Thanks so much.

    Thank you! The explanations were great!


    This speaker always explains difficult subject matter so well. She is interesting, enthusiastic, and has great slides to helps us visualize what she is teaching. Thank you so much!!!

    this was beyond wonderful! I learned so much

    This was great! I loved that you had a little more technical information in this webinar. The basics are important, but you explain things so well that a lot of your followers are probably ready to dig a little deeper. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Very good. I understood and I’m not a techie. Diahan is very good at making it sound simple. Now, to remember it!

    Very helpful. Finally understand the difference berween IBS & IBD,

    Very informational. I look forward to watching more of Diahan’s webinars and videos. Thank you for inviting her and for making this webinar available for free.

    Very informative webinar. Diahan really knows her stuff. I will have to watch the video again to make sure I understood everything.

    Very informative.

    Very informative. I am at the early stages of understanding DNA, but not a beginner. Diahan did not get overly technical in her presentation.

    Very informative. I learned a lot today and will definitely watch again.

    Very interesting and helpful! Thank you!

    Very knowledgable

    Very technical at times, but excellent.

    Very well presented! Looking forward to the June continuation on this topic!

    Was it too technical?? NO I think even if it is beyond where some people are, we all have to hear hard things over and over before it sinks in. So this is the start of it sinking in for some people. Better more than less.

    Was not too technical , I think it is worse if it is too simple!

    Way over MY head !!

    Well presented–a little fast for the time we had–or maybe attempting to cover too much, but all interesting. Excellent presentation! Very good visuals. Want more!

    Why isn’t there a slot for 6, or even 7?

    Too technical, oh no – I bet I got 33% of it. I will listened another time and perhaps get to 66%! A really terrific presentation!!

    Will watch it again. Likely more than once! I understood very little about the FTDNA full MTDNA results, and the YDA results. Excellent presenation. Love Diahan’s analogies and explanations. I am definitely going to watch her webinars on these topics.

    Wonderful (and not too technical) as always, Diahan!

    Wonderful! Great opportunity to ask questions. I always learn a lot from other people’s questions that I didn’t even think to ask.

    Wonderfully clear explanations !

    Wow! She is so good! Great job!

    Wow! Some of this presentation was beyond my capabilities at this time, but also showed me where I need to concentrate my DNA education. Thank you!

    Wow, there is a lot to learn! I enjoy any of Diahan’s webinars and podcasts. The little I pickup adds on to what I learned the last time. I’m climbing the DNA understanding tree! Thank you.

    Wow, there’s so much to it.

    Yes Please more about Genetic Networks and Leftover Strategy


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