– 5 More Links You Have to Try

Devin Ashby
Aug 17, 2022
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About this webinar is still a big website. Have you ever wondered if you could search multiple sections of the site at once? What about the best place to go to find hints to add people to the tree? What about experiences that don’t require an account? Come learn about 5 more links you have to try!

About the speaker

About the speaker

Devin Ashby is a Global Outreach Manager for FamilySearch, the largest genealogical organization in the world. Devin has taught family history for years and has over 300,000 online views. In 2004 he received bachelor’s degrees in History and
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  1. SK
    Sherry Kline
    1 month ago

    Such a great webinar!!

  2. SM
    Sarah Mundt
    2 months ago

    I am always pleasantly surprised to learn a new way to learn new things. Finding the right tool, for the right job, makes everything so much more enjoyable. Translating this huge swath of genealogical data, to a non-archivist family member, is sometimes challenging. This presentation not only helps me find the information and organize my research, but also makes it a delight to present stories, pictures, records to my family in various ways that speak to each person. Thanks for a wonderful time!

  3. AL
    Alicia Lockett
    2 months ago

    Good to be introduced to functions I’ve not used.

  4. EP
    Edna Perry
    2 months ago

    Although I was 15 minutes late, I was very impressed with the information. I am in the process of organizing my research files. Very much needed this updated information.

  5. RJ
    Ruth Jenkins
    2 months ago

    WOW what an excellent Webinar, i thoroughly enjoyed it, have taken lots of notes and have now added the App to my phone.

  6. RC
    Rebecca Corson
    2 months ago

    Fantastic. I love learning new ways to use FamilySearch. Great tips.

  7. MC
    Mary Charlotte Hall
    2 months ago

    Can not wait to try all the tips and tricks learned today!

  8. MC
    Maria Capaldi
    2 months ago

    Always enjoy Devin!!!


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