Elusive Immigrant: The Search for Dora Lühr

Warren Bittner
Jul 21, 2020
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About this webinar

See the Genealogical Proof Standard applied to research on both sides of the Atlantic to prove the identity of an immigrant not found where she is supposed to be and whose name is anything but certain.

About the speaker

About the speaker

F. Warren Bittner, MS (History), is a genealogical researcher, educator, and author. He is a professional researcher accepting private clients and specializes in German and German Immigrant research. He is former owner of an independent research f
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  1. PS
    Patricia Sciuchetti
    12 months ago

    Thinking about DNA as a research tool, I was wondering if you had DNA testing done to see if you are a match with any of Dora’s sister’s descendants? If so, they might have additional family or genealogical documents that could add to the family research.

  2. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    A true researcher!

    Always learn so much from him!

    An excellent presentation……really showed what thinking outside the box & persistence can accomplish.

    arrived late but still enjoyed it very much.

    As always – Great Presenter and wealth of knowledge.

    Clear and descriptive of each step.

    clear research steps shown – thanks

    Didn’t realise it was both Germany and America


    Excellent and professional presentation. Thanks

    Excellent case study demonstrating use of the GPS – thanks Warren!

    Excellent delivery. Kept my interest.

    excellent explanations, taking us step by step through the thought process.

    Excellent lecture.

    excellent presentation.

    Excellent presentation. I learned more about researching in Germany.

    EXCELLENT! Now I want to pursue that research trip to Germany for my German ancestors.


    Fantastic research skills! Gave me some ideas about potential types of records in Germany for doing my own research. Just need to get them imaged!

    Fantastic. So clear, and unlike many presenters Warren doesn’t go too fast to keep up. It was easy to follow the complexities of the case and I learned a lot.

    Fascinating! Gives me hope that I’ll be able to find my ancestor who I have been looking for in Germany for years!

    Found out about the existence of German Gazeteers

    Fun to listen to a detective search!

    Great presentation. Gave me a lot to think about and explained a logical plan of attach. Thank you very much. time well spent.

    Great research tips! Great example of commitment and thoroughly researching an ancestor.

    Had to leave early; I will definitely watch the entire recording.

    Handouts were very handy

    He always has the best information!

    I also enjoyed the German references and suggestions since my maternal side was from Germany and found those resources very helpful.

    I enjoyed hi tips on exhaustive research.

    I look forward to finding out more about the records I questioned. Thank you for a starting point to find out more. Also will look into the Gazeteer. I haven’t used that in a while.

    I think I remember Warren talking about the Behres earlier, so was on pins and needles the whole time waiting to see if he found the mother! Also, was great having examples of why we should pay attention to which parish in Germany is which.

    I was enthralled with the adventure he took us on. So many good ideas for how to pursue the dead ends! Every one of your programs is inspiring. Thank you so much for making these available, especially from my home.

    It defintely demonstrated the use of exhaustive research and analysis.

    It was awesome…I learned a lot to help me

    It’s always great to see how a case is built step by step. This one was meaningful because I have people I want to find in Germany and sometimes get confused by similar/differing names on records too. Hopefully if I watch enough people do it right, some of the “best practices” will get embedded in my brain.

    Liked the topic – German genealogy, and name discrepancies!

    love the case studies, especially when the trail is so well explained

    Love these BCG webinars–help me tackle the difficult conflicts in my research

    metacognitive reflection

    Mind Boggling. I have to do research in Germany, and this gave me some valuable guidance. Thanks to Mr. Bittner

    Missed most of it but a clearly detailed outline of what is required of a certified genealogist.

    Most informative

    Now, that’s how to do research! Love listening to any presentation of Warren Bittner! I always get so much out of them.

    One of the best webinars ever!

    Really enjoy Warren Bittner seminars. I wish I had his resources!

    really enjoyed the webinar today

    Showing each of the steps in Warren Bittner’s difficult research was very helpful. It was also good to see how he worked through each step of the genealogical proof standard to come to his conclusion.

    So much information and knowledge. This was great!

    Thank you so much Warren. Love love loved your presentation. So many times some of us feel like we’re out here alone researching and the very reason I loved this presentation. I’ve been doing Hungarian resesarch for 20 years and first of all I appreciate hearing how others research on both sides of the pond, and decondly listening to you I have had similar cases of conflicting ID so you have reasured me, I’m on the right track.

  3. Legacy Family Tree
    4 years ago

    The depth and breadth of the research was somewhat overwhelming and also incredible! A fascinating presentation!

    The method of resolving conflicts was very helpful

    There is no better German researcher and speaker than Warren Bittner.

    This was a great case study! I especially liked the conflicting evidence and how he came to his conclusions.

    This was a wakeup call that we all need to be researching outside the box when things are not fitting together as we think they should. Mr. Bittner does a wonderful job. So thorough.

    Very clear, easy to follow presentation of how to research a problem.

    Very helpful in laying out the research issue and process. Thanks.

    Very helpful. Started listening in my car then jumped on computer once I got home. So glad I could get it both ways.

    very imformative

    Very informative

    very informative

    Very interesting speaker. Well organized and easy to follow.

    very practical example of how to research a German immigrant

    Very thorough and informative.

    Warren Bitner did a great job in explaining the series of events he followed. Usually with case studies you get the answer followed by proofs. This was much better to keep us wondering if Dora Luhr would ever be found in Germany.

    Warren Bittner had me fascinated from the moment he began the webinar. I learned a great deal from him tonight. I will be searching for other webinars he has presented. He’s extraordinary!

    Warren is a fabulous lecturer – and a terrific representative of what it means to be a certified genealogist.

    Warren is a fabulous presenter. I appreciate the way he teaches thorough research techniques within a story.

    Warren is a great speaker and his personality pops out of the screen even without seeing his face. 🙂

    Warren was excellent as always. Thank you so much for hosting him!

    Well organized. Did not go through the material too fast so we were able to follow along easly.

    Well pace, easy to follow … new light on the subject

    well presented and able to follow research strategies.

    What an exhaustive research trail, I am very impressed.

    Wonderful information and strategy

    Wonderful presentation! Very engaging and informative.

    Wonderful research tips. Needed more time so questions could be answered.


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