Compiling a Military Service Record

Craig R. Scott, MA, CG, FUGA
May 24, 2019
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 49s
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7m 41s
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Are They Complete?
2m 10s
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Organization of CMSR
10m 19s
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6m 44s
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Revolutionary War
4m 45s
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Post-Revolutionary War
5m 02s
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The Missing Pieces
28m 52s
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Announcements / prizes
7m 03s
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

By their nature a compiled military service record is incomplete. This lecture focuses on how to either add to a CMSR or create a service record in the absence of a CMSR.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Craig Roberts Scott, MA, CG, FUGA is the author of The ‘Lost Pensions’: Settled Accounts of the Act of 6 April 1838 (Revised) and Records of the Accounting Officers of the Department of the Treasury, Inventory 14 (Revised). His m
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    5 years ago

    Absolutely chock-full of information!

    Always an excellent speaker who has a wealth of knowledge.


    Came in late. Will re-watch! Military is my weakest area. Thanks for all the resources.

    Deserves a 10 on a 5-point scale


    Excellent information from a most knowledgeable source. Plan on listening to this one a second time. The timing of this webinar is also good because of the free days on this weekend. Thanks so much!

    Excellent presentation covering so much ground!

    Excellent presentation. Thanks

    excellent speaker, well versed on subject of military

    Excellent webinar! Gave me some new avenues to investigate.

    Excellent webinar! Thank you!

    Excellent webinar.

    Excellent! The very best of the best!

    Excellent! I am happy to have so many awesome tips for military research! Thanks!

    Excellent, Excellent webinar. I will watch again and again. Thanks so much Craig and Geoff for all the great webinars.

    Fabulous information.

    Fabulous! Can’t wait to re-watch so I can hit pause and write down all the information that I couldn’t get down fast enough.

    Fantastic webinar with lots to digest, a must watch again webinar to gain the most information about researching military history records.

    Fantastic webinar! Craig is an excellent speaker and I always learn something new listening to his presentations. Thank you! : )

    Good info that is unavailable elsewhere.

    Great information

    Great information -very useful for my research as understand better the records I already have as well as the ones I need to look for. I will be watching this one again.

    Great speaker who is very knowledgeable able the difficult subject. I love the fast pace, too. I always love your seminars. Thanks Legacy Webinars.

    Great talk

    Great webinar with lots of useful information!

    Great webinar! Hope to finally find my Revolutionary War ancestor in some records. Previously over the years only find him mentioned in other records for men who served under him. Thanks 🙂

    He’s extremely knowledgeable. I’m going to have to go back and watch it again because he covered so many different places to look that I couldn’t quite follow them all.

    I always like Craig’s webinars, but they are challenging to keep up with — he packs SO much information into each one, it’s hard to capture everything in one viewing. They are always worth watching more than once.

    I learned so much today about how to take next steps in finding the records of my numerous military ancestors – from the Revolution to the Civil War! Many thanks.

    I learned so much! Excellent presentation, well organized and clear.

    It was great and complicated !! So much information and Craig Scott has a lot of knowledge

    I’ve done military research for years but I learned a lot of new research strategies. Thanks!

    Just a tip of the ice berg

    Learned much Thanks

    Learned about some records groups I didn’t know about. Now know I don’t have all the records I need.

    Military records are daunting. This step-by-step demonstration of where to find, how to use and what to follow-up is something every genealogist needs to watch! And the presenter is so professional but so very easy to listen to. Just “Wow”!

    Outstanding! It was my first one but not my last. Thank you SO MUCH!

    quite knowledgeable and informative speaker – thank you

    Simply exellent presentation with resources. Very thankful for syllabus.

    So much helpful information. thank you for a very interesting webinar

    so much information. will need to rewatch.

    Sooo much to learn! Craig does an excellent job pointing us in the right directions!

    SOOOO much information to absorb. Craig is always great. A few new avenues to try.


    Thanks for always teaching me something new.

    This was so helpful. I am working on a research project for my 3rd great grandfather, Lewis Houston, who was wounded at Antietam and died 17 days later. I have been searching for his burial site, and have been doing a lot of research, hoping to learn more about why he chose to volunteer in May 1861 at age 33, married and with three young children. He was part of the 14th Indiana, the Gibraltrar Regiment. Scott has given me a better insight to where I may be able to find more records than those found to date

    This webinar is priceless!

    Very good examples shown.

    Very good information.

    Very informative, and Craig made researching military history sound not so scary. Thanks!

    VERY VERY INFORMATIVE…will need to watch again.

    Very, Very informative. Clarified several things about military records. Wish had more time.

    Will certainly be listening to this one again and trying to find my husband’s grandfather in the WWI Non-Infantry Engineering Regiments. I never knew where to look before!

    Wonderful webinar on military records.

    Wonderful webinar! Craig Scott is a wealth of knowledge about military records. Thank you very much.

    wonderful! plan to watch it again!

    Wow! This was so good! Can’t wait to watch again!


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