Assumptions: Problem-Solving Friend or Foe? (a 2023 Reisinger Lecture)

Jennifer Zinck, CG
Oct 20, 2023
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Fundamental Assumptions
5m 44s
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Unsound Assumptions
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Don't Give Up
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About this webinar

Do you have an unsolved research problem? Have you critically examined assumptions made during the research process? Some assumptions are valid, or even fundamental, but incorrect or misguided assumptions can act as mortar for genealogical brick walls. Learn to recognize, categorize, and address various types of assumptions to form sound genealogical conclusions.

This class is presented live at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City as part of the Joy Reisinger Memorial Lecture Series and is being broadcasted by Legacy Family Tree Webinars.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Jennifer Zinck, CG® is a genealogical researcher, speaker, and educator who specializes in incorporating DNA results into genealogical research. Her traditional research focus is Connecticut and New England. Jennifer serves as the President of the
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  1. LF
    Laurel Farrar
    9 months ago

    Such a fabulous lecture!! I am motivated from Jenn’s examples in her talk, and I look forward to applying the Genealogical Standards more systematically in the area of assumptions.

  2. BB
    Brian Boneham
    9 months ago

    Brilliant presentation, which shows us how to follow ancestors and to research all possibilities to gain the maximum knowledge available about those individuals and their family unit.

  3. KM
    Kristin Macy
    9 months ago

    Another great webinar – very useful information on Assumptions and how to evaluate evidence. Thak you for sharing this information.

  4. TQ
    Tamara Quiring
    9 months ago

    Excellent session!

  5. ST
    Shannon Terwedo
    9 months ago

    Great reminder about assumptions in genealogical research. Nice examples of assessing types of assumptions and verifying them with further research.

  6. CW
    Cynthia Ward
    9 months ago

    Very good, I did not realize how many assumtions we automatically make in our research of the ancestors.

  7. TD
    Teresa Dowling
    9 months ago

    AMAZING! Clear, concise, methodical….WOWZERS did I learn a lot! I will keep these three key words regarding assumptions (recognize, categorize, address) in front of me, especially as I make spreadsheets of my research information. Thank you so very much!

  8. MA
    Mary Abbett
    9 months ago

    Clearly outlined her information . Great examples to prove and disprove information .


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