An Introduction to Tracing your Greek Ancestry

Gregory Kontos
Jan 26, 2022
Free through February 2, 2022
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Speaker's Introduction
1m 34s
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Rule #1
3m 47s
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Greek Records
16m 08s
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How to Acces
7m 13s
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Other Greek Collections
1m 59s
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Rule #2
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Get Tested
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Education & Networking
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About this webinar

You are Greek but it’s all Greek to you? This is an introduction to Greek genealogy research. How to prepare for your research? What do you need to know before turning to Greek records? What types of Greek records are useful and how can you access them? What do you need to know about DNA? Where can you find free additional help and resources? How can you participate in the latest developments in the field of Greek genealogy? Join this class and get ready for a unique research journey!

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About the speaker

About the speaker

Gregory Kontos is a leader in the field of Greek genealogy. He has managed all the Greek projects run by MyHeritage, and has a long list of co-operations with genealogy companies and projects, including, among others, AncestryProGenealogists, Trac
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  1. TA
    Tim Almeida
    1 day ago

    Very informative, thank you

  2. BB
    Brian Boneham
    3 days ago

    Excellent webinar, which I must watch again to get the most from for my Greek ancestry research.

  3. RM
    Rochelle Males
    3 days ago

    Just what I needed to get me started in the right direction for researching my Greek lines. Thank you so much!

  4. LF
    Lynne Farrow
    3 days ago

    Having now found Greek/Ethiopian migrants in my FT this has given me an insight into how to move forward. Many Thanks

  5. JW
    Julie Wilson
    3 days ago

    Wonderful webinar! Excellent speaker. Hope for more webinars from him.

  6. BE
    Brian Elia
    3 days ago

    Even though my wife (mainly) and I have researched my Greek grandfather ourselves here in the US and in Greece, we still heard some other possible new avenues to pursue, especially those new Greek Ancestry websites. This was a well presented Webinar.

  7. SR
    Stephanie Reyes
    3 days ago

    The webinar was very informative. The information was presented in a way that was simple and easy to understand. The presenter was super knowledgeable, and I learned several new things even though I have been researching for more than 15 years.

  8. VF
    Vikki Fraioli
    3 days ago

    Excellent presentation! Very well organized and informative.


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