94% European and 6% Nigerian – Tracing My Missing Nigerian Ancestor

Yetunde Moronke Abiola
Apr 28, 2021
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Speaker's Introduction
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Why are you searching?
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Setting the Context
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Initial Steps
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Moving Forward
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Announcements / prizes
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Questions / answers
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About this webinar

You have discovered that you have 6% Nigerian ethnicity in your DNA or maybe a friend or client has asked about this. What does this mean? Who is this missing link and how do you find this ancestor? Many people have discovered that they have a percentage of African in their genetic makeup. So what next? How do you begin to find your Nigerian ancestor? What do you need to know about Africa, Nigeria, and Nigerian people? What part of Nigeria did your ancestor come from? In this session, as a black British-Nigerian person, I will show you how to start, focus and streamline your search, providing you with important facts and useful tips and resources to help you find your unknown ancestor and possibly, an extended family.

About the speaker

About the speaker

Yetunde Abiola-Jacobs has been researching her family history for 8 years. As a Black British woman of Nigerian and Jamaican descent who has lived in Nigeria for 15 years, she knows all there is to know about Nigeria, its hospitable people and its
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  1. Legacy Family Tree
    2 years ago

    great Info.

    Awesome webinar. I always love it when I learn something completely new.

    Brilliant webinar on a topic much needed.


    Excellent information that is hard to find. Thank you!

    Excellent! Thank you!

    Excellent…..I am greatful for so much information. Thank you everyone….

    Gave me enough to make me want to continue forward exploring my 1% African ethnicity.


    Great information and resource availability

    Great information, learned quite a bit and will be able to pass it forward.

    Had to leave before it began,hope to be able to see the recording

    I am thankful for the info Ms. Abiola provided and can hardly wait to start researching!

    I arrived late but from what I heard the lecturer was knowledgeable about the topic. Will watch the full broadcast later.

    I don’t have Nigerian ancestry but I learned a lot from the maps showing the partition of the African continent and routes taken by the diaspora.

    I have no African DNA reported but this was very interesting and I learned a lot.

    I knew nothing about Nigerian genealogy – great introduction. I also found the naming patterns especially interesting.

    I’m sorry I missed the beginning, but I will listen back. She definitely has an infectious enthusiasm and interesting cultural knowledge. I would have liked a more nuanced understanding of when 2% means something and when it doesn’t — often when a group is not very well represented in the database, the 2% doesn’t mean anything at all.


    It gave me hope about finding those African ancestors

    I’ve learned a lot about the lives of the Nigerian country.

    Much in information was new to me and so interesting.

    Organized, extremely informative and provided much needed information to continue my research. Thank you Marian for asking the important questions.

    Really enjoyed learning about the naming patterns and all the recommendations for further research. Great presentation!

    Really interesting. I have 2% .

    Thank you 🙂

    The background info on naming protocols, division of peoples within the country, migration patterns, and impact of geography was enlightening and informative. Well presented.

    This has been absolutely fascinating! Thank you!

    This webinar was very very interesting. I learned somethings I would never know if I had not taken this webinars. Thanks

    very helpful

    Very helpful to expand my historical understanding of migration, but also insight into traditional peoples

    Very helpful.

    Very informative

    Very informative webinar, I liked the slide show and historical references, and other resources that were shared.

    Very interesting

    Very interesting and well presented

    Very interesting on a country I knew nothing about, even though my DNA says I’m 1.1% Nigerian. Learned so much and enjoyed the presentation very much!

    Very interesting!

    Very interesting! I do not have Nigerian DNA but others in my family might. Also – it will help me help others if they ask for advice. Thank you.

    Very Interesting! ! !

    Very interesting.

    Very interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed the webinar.

    Very, very interesting and so well presented.

    We need more of similar topics, e.g. linking to African ancestors.

    What a great presenter! I have no African ethnicity but always enjoy listening and learning. It broadens my knowledge of the world and people as well as giving me ideas on improving my own research techniques. Look forward to more webinars by her.

    Wonderful presentation on a not-so-widely covered topic! I look forward to seeing more webinars about genealogy on the African continent. Thank you.

    Wonderful presentation

    Yetunde was an EXCELLENT presenter. She shared some of the histories of Africa/Nigeria. She included her specific tribe and openly shared much information so she could help the audience understand how to better research their Nigerian/African heritage. I will be watching this one again so that I’m sure I gleaned all of the information she discussed!! This webinar has shown me how to continue my research into my family’s background and ethnicity. Thank you, Yetunde! You did a WONDERFULLY PHENOMENAL job!