Yetunde Moronke Abiola

Yetunde Abiola-Jacobs has been researching her family history for 8 years. As a Black British woman of Nigerian and Jamaican descent who has lived in Nigeria for 15 years, she knows all there is to know about Nigeria, its hospitable people and its vibrant culture, and is best placed to provide guidance on how to find your Nigerian Ancestor. She has also lived in Jamaica, Switzerland and Togo and travels extensively for family history research and networking and is conversant with the interplay of histories and politics in today’s multi-cultural world. She has also served as an Ambassador to RootsTech London 2019 and Salt Lake City 2020. Her areas of expertise include the impact of ancestor stories on the lives of future generations and, the complexities and intricacies of Caribbean, Diaspora and Colonial genealogies.

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