How I Use MyHeritage

How I Use MyHeritage

by Vidar Øverlie


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How I Use MyHeritage

This presentation will give examples on how the unique SuperSearch database can provide new family history information. Focus is on importance of source citation, searching strategy and checking original records. The presentation also addresses where to get help in this process.


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Presenter: Vidar Øverlie

Vidar Øverlie is Norway’s premiere genealogist and blogger. He has been pursuing genealogy research for more than 50 years and is an esteemed member of genealogy societies in Norway, USA, New Zealand, and Sweden. In addition to his genealogy blog, vidars slektsblogg, he is a well-known lecturer on all things genealogy at societies and schools. He has dedicated his retirement years to helping those in Norway, the US, and New Zealand research their family histories.

Vidar Øverlie
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