Why Take a DNA Test for Genealogy Research?

Why Take a DNA Test for Genealogy Research?

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by Mike Mansfield

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Why Take a DNA Test for Genealogy Research?


DNA testing in genealogy is an important new tool for us to use in our research. This introductory session will detail the types of DNA tests available and the results a test taker can expect from ethnicity estimates to DNA matches and how we can use these to find relatives and discover unknown ancestors.


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Presenter: Mike Mansfield

Mike Mansfield works for MyHeritage.com as the Director of Content Operations. Previously Mike has worked for Ancestry.com and FamilySearch and has been active in the genealogy and family history domain for the last 20 years. Mike has presented at numerous genealogical conferences and symposia in the United States, England, Scandinavia, and Australia. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from BYU and a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Syracuse University.

Mike Mansfield
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