The Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools

The Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools

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by Diahan Southard

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The Five Best MyHeritage DNA Tools


MyHeritage DNA is leading the industry in providing tools to help understand and interpret DNA test results. But with so many pages to view and buttons to push, it can get confusing. We will discuss the five best tools you can access at MyHeritage to help further your genealogical goals.


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Presenter: Diahan Southard

A microbiology graduate, Diahan Southard worked before and after graduation for the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation. Growing up with the budding genetic genealogy industry lead her to her current position as Your DNA Guide, where she provides personalized, interactive experiences to assist individuals and families in interpreting their genetic results in the context of their genealogical information. Diahan's lectures are always fun, upbeat, and full of energy. She has a passion for genetic genealogy, a genuine love for people, and a gift for making the technical understandable.

Diahan Southard
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