Researching in New Mexico

Researching in New Mexico

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by Henrietta Martinez Christmas

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Researching in New Mexico


The 47th State holds some of the oldest documents in the US. Written records that begin in 1598 to the current day, researchers will learn the record groups, how to use them, and where to find them. An abundance of sacramental records, Governor’s papers, censuses, wills and probates will be discussed.


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Presenter: Henrietta Martinez Christmas

Henrietta Martinez Christmas, a native New Mexican, a well-known genealogical and historical researcher; she descends from eleven of the soldiers that came with Oñate in 1598.  She has written several books which related to New Mexico’s small town and history and over 175 articles about New Mexico’s Colonial Families. She is a long-time member and the current President of New Mexico Genealogical Society. She has worked with the History Museum of New Mexico, The Albuquerque Museum, The El Camino Real Heritage site in preparing exhibits and researching historical data.  She is a frequent contributor to author’s book in terms of researching biographies of individuals.  She works with a group that honors historic women in New Mexico for their NM Historic Marker Program. Honored by the DAR for historic preservations, she has extracted and transcribed over 50 books which consist of hundreds of thousands of records.

Henrietta Martinez Christmas
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