Researching with Marian! Creating a Research Plan with YOUR Research

Researching with Marian! Creating a Research Plan with YOUR Research

by Marian Pierre-Louis

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Researching with Marian! Creating a Research Plan with YOUR Research

You've watched her solve brick walls and create research plans. Now Marian Pierre-Louis will show you strategies for some of your very own Connecticut, Rhode Island, or Massachusetts research problems. If you have an ancestral family from one of these states, send Marian your family group record ( and she might choose yours for a live demonstration of creating a personalized research plan.


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Presenter: Marian Pierre-Louis

Marian Pierre-Louis is a genealogical writer and speaker who specializes in southern New England research (Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts). Born and raised in Connecticut, she has lived in Massachusetts for almost 20 years. Marian has three generations of recent family ties to Rhode Island and also links to some very old Rhode Island lines.  As a result, these three states have become the focus of her research activity. Unlike most genealogists, Marian is spoiled to spend most of her time working with original records.  You will most often find her researching at a town hall, registry of deeds, probate court or the local cemetery. It's a rare day that Marian has to sit in front of a microfilm reader.


Marian is actively engaged in social media. You can find her starting conversations on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. She frequently speaks on New England topics including house history research, social media, African American research and a broad range of genealogical topics. She is the author of several blogs including: Marian's Roots & Rambles and The New England House Historian. She is the host of the Internet radio shows,  FieldstoneCommon and The Genealogy Professional podcast.


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