Top 5 resources to expand your Spanish genealogical research

Top 5 resources to expand your Spanish genealogical research

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by Daniel Smith-Ramos

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Top 5 resources to expand your Spanish genealogical research


Genealogical research in Spain can pose a number of challenges for any researcher: there's the linguistic barrier, the lack of centralised records in Spain, a lack of understanding of how Spanish resources are organised and how they can be accessed. This webinar will explore the top 5 resources which any researcher, amateur or professional, will find essential if they want to take their research further, and start knocking down those Spanish brick walls!


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Presenter: Daniel Smith-Ramos

Daniel Smith-Ramos is of very mixed background, being predominantly Spanish on his maternal side and Italian-American and English on his father’s side. Through his Twitter feed (@DSRGenealogist) and his own website The Genealogy Corner, Daniel regularly regales his audience not just about his own family research, but also about how he helps others with their family history research both in Spain and in the UK. Fully bilingual in English and Spanish, and thanks to his knowledge and expertise of a wide range of resources across Europe, over the past decade Daniel has assisted many people around the world - from third-generation Spanish-Americans seeking information about their forefathers in the Old Continent, to Britons whose elderly relatives passed away on Spain’s sunny shores. Daniel has spoken at genealogical events in Belgium and the UK, as well as several online webinars and conferences. He has also published articles in well-known genealogy magazines and Family History Society journals.

Daniel Smith-Ramos